Disable Overheal mechanic completely

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    Hi, is there a possibility to disable the overheal mechanic completely? Means, that every heal will be shown with his full amount auf health he could heal. I can’t find an option for that. At the moment, I’ve disabled the amount of overheal so every heal to a healthy target is shown with +0 (Holy Light) but I want to see +25000 (Holy Light) an a full target.

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    There isn't an option for that, and I can't think of any reason why I would want that. However, if there is a need for such a feature I'll think about implementing it.

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    hi dear author, i am a newbee of this addon. I also have a problem about the overhealing. When I cast a healing spell on a healthy target there always shows +0 in the scroll area.(just the same phenomenon as Avox86). I don't need to receive these useless info and want to remove it. But it is a little bit difficult to understand the lua expressions of suppression module even when I turned to some grama guide.

    So my question is: Is there a correct suppression expression if I want to remove all the +0 overhealing display?

    P.S: to Avox86, I guess that change the expression tag to [Amount+overhealamount] could help?

  • 4 posts

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