Change log

2008-11-25  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneCore3.lua
    may fix an issue with bags getting flagged improperly
    [ca38ea85edd2] [tip]

    * OneCore3.lua
    quick fix to the bag type check

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.11-beta for changeset f8a66ec7a77f

    * OneBag3.lua
    this should fix the bug where you try to change certain option
    before opening the bag
    [f8a66ec7a77f] [v3.0.11-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua
    quick fix for the bug in .10 related to having either bag break on
    or valign set to bottom.

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.10-beta for changeset b238e72a1dd7

    * OneConfig3.lua
    fixed bad reference to addon in the config file
    [b238e72a1dd7] [v3.0.10-beta]

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.9-beta for changeset cf1dcaa258f5

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua OneCore3.lua
    removed debug code, cleanup of other bag type checks to use
    consolidated API.
    [cf1dcaa258f5] [v3.0.9-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua OneCore3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    Started moving some code towards the core, Added the ability to hide
    specific bags or filer based on bag types

2008-11-23  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgignore, Config.lua
    removed dead config file and added .DS_Store to the ignored files

    * OneConfig3.lua
    removed some random comments that I was using as a reference

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.8-beta for changeset 780422973247

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua
    fixes for making it not in debug mode
    [780422973247] [v3.0.8-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua
    Made the event based bag opening 'smart'. It will now only close
    your bag if it wasn't open before.

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua OneCore3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    continued work on making it localizable, Added 2 more panes of
    config options Added back in special bag highlights Fixed bug with
    click dropping items into bag slots

2008-11-17  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * Config.lua OneConfig3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    new front config pane, meant as more of a simple intro into bare
    bones configuration.

2008-11-07  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    few more fixes, More code to fix remaining issues with the grayed
    out bags

2008-11-05  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    start of new config screen, oh ya, and Ackis is just jealous of my
    unused murky code.

2008-11-03  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua OneBag3.toc
    switch over to the new config scheme

    * OneConfig3.lua
    New Base Config file.

2008-11-02  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.7-beta for changeset deed09ca8df3

    * Config.lua
    small tweak to the config menu
    [deed09ca8df3] [v3.0.7-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    I think the last fix was overkill toning it down slightly

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    hopefully this commit will fix the grayed out items bug

    * Config.lua
    removes the custom config window

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.6-beta for changeset 0b09db0afd77

    * Config.lua
    I think this might help
    [0b09db0afd77] [v3.0.6-beta]

2008-11-01  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.5-beta for changeset 6a242e59cb49

    * OneBag3.lua
    I hope this fixes the freeze
    [6a242e59cb49] [v3.0.5-beta]


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