Change log

2008-11-17  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * Config.lua OneConfig3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    new front config pane, meant as more of a simple intro into bare
    bones configuration.
    [3897f2c60637] [tip]

2008-11-07  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    few more fixes, More code to fix remaining issues with the grayed
    out bags

2008-11-05  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua localizations/enUS.lua
    start of new config screen, oh ya, and Ackis is just jealous of my
    unused murky code.

2008-11-03  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua OneBag3.toc
    switch over to the new config scheme

    * OneConfig3.lua
    New Base Config file.

2008-11-02  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.7-beta for changeset deed09ca8df3

    * Config.lua
    small tweak to the config menu
    [deed09ca8df3] [v3.0.7-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    I think the last fix was overkill toning it down slightly

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    hopefully this commit will fix the grayed out items bug

    * Config.lua
    removes the custom config window

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.6-beta for changeset 0b09db0afd77

    * Config.lua
    I think this might help
    [0b09db0afd77] [v3.0.6-beta]

2008-11-01  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.5-beta for changeset 6a242e59cb49

    * OneBag3.lua
    I hope this fixes the freeze
    [6a242e59cb49] [v3.0.5-beta]

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.4-beta for changeset f134ee11bc6c

    * Config.lua OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    updates to the options window, a few new options to boot
    [f134ee11bc6c] [v3.0.4-beta]

2008-10-28  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * Config.lua OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    added a few more options and starting on the missing functionality
    on the side bar

2008-10-26  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * Config.lua
    cleaned up the the options panel registration. Also shows up in
    blizz's options frame now

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.3-beta for changeset 41d13c903042

    * OneBag3.lua
    remove debug display of config screen
    [41d13c903042] [v3.0.3-beta]

    * Config.lua OneBag3.lua
    Bag Break and Frame Strata

    * Config.lua OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    Options list now includes: ColNum, Clamp to Screen, UI Scale, Frame
    Alpha, Glow Borders, Rarity Borders, Disable White Item Borders

2008-10-19  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * Config.lua OneBag3.lua
    fixing tek's bug

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.2-beta for changeset c72b9ddbe856

    * Config.lua OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    tweaks, and two working options, # of columns and scale now work.
    [c72b9ddbe856] [v3.0.2-beta]

2008-10-17  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * Config.lua OneCore3.lua
    work done to the config screen

2008-10-15  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.1-beta for changeset 621e797ac2b0

    * .hgignore, .pkgmeta, OneBag3.toc
    adding .hgignore and updating pkgmeta and toc files
    [621e797ac2b0] [v3.0.1-beta]

    * .pkgmeta:
    adding pkgmeta, and over kill on the externals

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.0-beta for changeset bfeafcf30370


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