Change log

2008-12-14  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.16-beta for changeset fd3893d18eef
    [18458102283a] [tip]

    * OneCore3.lua
    added support for changing of some options on the purchase frame in
    [fd3893d18eef] [v3.0.16-beta]

2008-12-13  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneCore3.lua
    stops the base bank from showing up again

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    changes to support displaying of bankbags

2008-12-11  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.15-beta for changeset 3645ec5b16be

    * OneBag3.toc
    update version
    [3645ec5b16be] [v3.0.15-beta]

    * OneCore3.lua
    fixes issue with OneBank3's bank slots not having tooltips

2008-12-10  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.14-beta for changeset edb6162324d6

    * OneCore3.lua
    Further update for OneBank's addition
    [edb6162324d6] [v3.0.14-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua OneBag3.toc OneCore3.lua
    Cleanup and enhancements, prep for committing OneBank3

2008-12-09  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.toc
    another tweak

    * OneBag3.toc
    updated toc to reflect the next tag (will be 3.0.14) o

    * OneConfig3.lua
    made max col width 32 slots

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.13-beta for changeset 736ae9c0d14d

    * plugins/sorting/simple.lua
    cleanup of some of the code, remove of some debug stuff
    [736ae9c0d14d] [v3.0.13-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua OneCore3.lua
    unloading of options when SimpleSort is disabled.

    * OneConfig3.lua OneCore3.lua plugins/sorting/simple.lua
    got the options related to simplesort working again

2008-12-04  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua OneConfig3.lua OneCore3.lua
    plugin architecture fleshed out and overhauled further.

    Current limitations, only sort plugins allowed for and only one can
    be enabled at a time. That makese sense for Sorts but maybe not for
    other types.

    Currently the BagBreak, Valign and BagOrder options won't work as
    they aren't tied into the plugin yet.

    Yes the 'BROKEN' sort plugin is a test plugin, and yes it'll be

2008-12-03  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * plugins/sorting/simple.lua
    beginnings of simple sorting plugin

    * OneBag3.toc OneCore3.lua
    mostly functional plugin harness

2008-11-30  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.12-beta for changeset eac4b09a8d3a

    * OneConfig3.lua OneCore3.lua
    fixes to known bugs
    [eac4b09a8d3a] [v3.0.12-beta]

2008-11-26  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneBag3.lua
    quick fix

    * OneCore3.lua
    better comments

    * OneBag3.lua OneCore3.lua
    moved a lot of code into the core, cleaned up some hook handlers,
    fixed a few bugs

2008-11-25  Bryan McLemore  <>

    * OneCore3.lua
    may fix an issue with bags getting flagged improperly

    * OneCore3.lua
    quick fix to the bag type check

    * .hgtags:
    Added tag v3.0.11-beta for changeset f8a66ec7a77f

    * OneBag3.lua
    this should fix the bug where you try to change certain option
    before opening the bag
    [f8a66ec7a77f] [v3.0.11-beta]

    * OneBag3.lua
    quick fix for the bug in .10 related to having either bag break on
    or valign set to bottom.


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