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Alt-Tab Toggle

Sep 19, 2011 Cyprias Abandoned Optional dependency
Alt-Tab Toggle (ATT) will force WoW to the foreground on events when you're alt-tabbed. Optionally you can choose to only play a sound when one of these events fire. Then you can tab back into WoW at your leisure. Events that ATT will toggle include Auctioneer scan, search and post complete [W] BankStack complete [W] BG Deserter debuff expire, BG idle debuff, BG gates opening Duel request (2.1.5beta), Dungeon Deserter/Cooldown debuff expire Enemy detected, Enter Battleground window, Enter...
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Oct 19, 2013 Vladinator Deleted Required dependency
Ex stands for Extension, in essence an addon for NPCScan and what it does is this: it injections many rare spawns not automatically added by the addon itself, and makes sure you are alerted no mater the level of the rare mob! It's an experimental addon but it works. You can clean the existing database and then install the NPCs, or you can pick to only install missing NPC and leave the database as it is. If you are afraid then use the "Install only" option. ;) The slash command to open up the...
Paths on Minimap


Oct 27, 2016 Torhal Release Optional dependency
NPCScan.Overlay is an addition to _NPCScan that adds map overlays for rare mob patrols. When you search for a rare in _NPCScan, _NPCScan.Overlay will show where it patrols until you find it. It works similarly to keithgabryelski's Rare Spawn Overlay's , but supports the minimap and has a much smaller download size, along with a few new features. Special thanks to Rare Spawn Overlay's patrol paths and Routes minimap drawing code for inspiration! Note: _NPCScan.Overlay can integrate with...
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