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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.2.0


See _NPCScan's Commit Log

    • Now manages which overlays are shown by the <cite>RareSpawnOverlay</cite> and <cite>_NPCScan.Overlay</cite> addons.
    • Added four rare raptor mobs that drop non-combat pets in 3.2: Dart, Takk the Leaper, Ravasaur Matriarch, and Razormaw Matriarch.
    • No longer shows an alert button for tamable NPCs while resting (in an inn or city), although you will still need to clear the cache.
    • Added all localized mob names for zhTW, and as many as I could find for zhCN and koKR.
    • Added an “<span style="font-family: monospace;">Unmute for alert sound</span>” setting to play the alert sound even if WoW is muted.
    • Added an “<span style="font-family: monospace;">Alert sound file</span>” dropdown to choose which sound to play for alerts. Additional sounds can be added using SharedMedia-type addons.
    • The alert border flash now only shows when you enable “<span style="font-family: monospace;">Screen Edge Flash</span>” in the Default UI's Display Interface Options panel.
    • Now continues searching for rares in 5-man dungeons. Raid dungeons, battlegrounds, and arenas will still disable scanning, however.
      • Achievements to kill rares now have their own lists in the options window.
      • Added slash commands to add and remove NPCs from the custom tracking list: “<span style="font-family: monospace;">/npcscan add <NpcID> <Name></span>” and “<span style="font-family: monospace;">/npcscan remove <Name></span>”
      • You can now add tamable mobs to your search list and toggle them all using a “<span style="font-family: monospace;">Search for tamable NPCs</span>” setting.
      • Found alerts for tamable mobs will note that they are tamable and may be false alarms.
      • Added an option to suppress the “already cached” log-in alert.
      • Added Gondria to the default rare list, and updated some rares that are now tamable in 3.1.