Is there any way that NPCScan can ignore dead mobs?

Currently it's impossible for the WoW Client's cache to differentiate between living and dead NPCs. The only way to determine if it is alive or dead is for a player to target the mob.

Why is the alert not going off for X mob?

It could be a because of a few reasons.

  • If its a mob needed for an achievement, check to see if the achievement is being tracked. Under the Search Menu double check that the achievement has a check mark next to its name.
  • Have you already killed the achievement mob? If its a mob needed for an achievement and the achievement is being tracked, check to make sure that the "Search for completed Achievement NPCs" option has been checked.
  • If its a normal rare mob check to see if it is in the tracking list and has not been cached. Click on the "Cached" column header to sort by cached mobs and see if the mob has a check mark next to the name. If so you need to clear your cache.
  • If the mob is not in any of the tracking lists, it is not tracked by default & you will need to add it yourself.

How do I add custom mobs to the list?

  • Under the Search options window, select the "Custom NPCs" tab. At the bottom of the screen enter the NPC's id, select which world zone its found in and enter a name for it. Then click on the button on the side with the "+", which shall add the custom mob to the search list.

How do I remove custom mobs to the list?

  • Under the Search options window, select the "Custom NPCs" tab. Select the Mob that you wish to remove from the list. At the bottom of the screen click on the button on the side with the "-", which shall remove the custom mob to the search list.

How do I remove non-custom mobs to the list?

To remove non custom mobs from a tab, click on the mob that you want to remove and then click on the "Remove" button. This will remove the selected mob from the current tab and add it to the Ignore List Tab. If you ever want to restore a Ignored Mob, select it from the "Ignore List" tab, click the "Remove" button and it should be added back to its original tab.

The “Search for completed Achievement NPCs” checkbox at the top left of the pane allows you to keep looking for mobs you no longer need for achievements.

How do I find a mob's ID number?

  • A mob's NPC ID is its unique identification number, and it can be found on sites like WowHead or WowDB. For example, search for the mob “Dirkee” on WowHead and go to the mob's page. That page's URL will look like “http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=32500”; 32500 is Dirkee's NPC ID.

How do I clear my Cache?

To clear your cache, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Exit World of Warcraft.
  2. Delete the “Cache” sub-directory inside your World of Warcraft folder. For example on a standard Windows XP installation, you would delete the folder “C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache”.
  • Note: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users see this info if your cache isn't in the location above.

Why is X sound not listed in the alert list

_NPCScan uses the "LibSharedMedia-3.0" library to handle the alert sound, and lets it use the sound library of any addons that use the same library. It never included any sounds other than the default alert, so any other sounds you had in the past were ones included in some other addon. (IE DBM)

Why does the alert not sound when WoW is minimized?

When in fullscreen mode & WoW loses focus the frames stop updating. This causes frame that _NPCScan uses to be disabled untill you return to WoW, which restats it updateing and triggers any alerts that might have occured due to a mob being added to the cache while it was stopped. Due to this the only way to get the alert when alt-tabbed is if you are running in Windowed or Windowed(Fullscreen).

Why do I get alerts for X mob on login regardless of my character's location?

If its Vicejaw, Bloodtip, and some of the other "One of Many", then it is a known issue. Unfortunately, I've yet to been able to reproduce the issue, which is slowing finding a fix. I believe that another rare mob addon might be looking up info on these mobs causing them to get loaded in the cache.