Will use MrTrader's tradeskill window instead of Blizzard's

Will use MrTrader's tradeskill window in place of the default.

Will show your alts from the opposing faction in the menu.

Will show the cost of materials along with the estimate.

Will show Cooking, Smelting, Runeforging, and First Aid on other characters.

Will search your alts for skill links when responding to whisper commands.

Will respond to whispers sent to you asking for skill links.

Will respond to raid and party messages asking for skill links.

Will respond to guild messages asking for skill links.

Will remember the selected category for each tradeskill.

Will let the user place the Tradeskill Window anywhere.

Will display crafted item tooltips when hovering in the skill list.

Whisper Skills for Alts

View Guild Professions.

Use Tradeskill Window

Use Custom Tradeskill Window

Unignore this character and show on all other characters.


Command is used to remove a character from the ignore list and add them back to the tradeskill menu.

Undock Window



Tradeskill cannot be linked, and is unavailable.

Tools and Cooldown


%s v%s loaded.

Formattable string used on login. In English it will be "MrTrader v0.4 loaded." for example.

Sort By: %1$s %2$s

Used by the sort drop-down menu. Argument 1 is the name of the sort, argument 2 is a texture string for an icon representing the direction of the sort.

%s more

Displayed by the tools list. If you don't have room for all the tools, it displays "# more" instead. Keep this translation as short as possible.

%s knows %s

Skill Ups

Show Queue

Show Opposing Faction Alts

Show Minor Skills for Alts

Show Materials Cost

Show Filter List

Respond to Whisper Commands

Respond to Commands over Raid and Party Chat

Respond to Commands over Guild Chat

Required Level

Remove Favorite Group