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  • %1$s %2$s
  • %s knows %s
  • %s more
  • %s v%s loaded.
  • Add to New Favorite Group...
  • All Items
  • Ascending
  • Categories
  • Character %s knows %s
  • Characters
  • Clear Search
  • Click to open menu.
  • Click to open tradeskill window.
  • Click to open tradeskill window. Shift-click to link tradeskill.
  • Click to remove from the list, shift-click to ignore this character permanently.
  • Close
  • Configure
  • Descending
  • Difficulty
  • Display Tooltips in Skill List
  • Easy
  • Favorite Groups
  • Favorites
  • Guild
  • Hide Filter List
  • Hide Queue
  • I don't know that skill.
  • I don't know what skill you mean.
  • Inventory Slots
  • Item Level
  • Loading
  • Medium
  • MrTrader
  • Name
  • New Favorite Group
  • New Group
  • No skill exists by that name.
  • Open configuration dialog
  • Optimal
  • Profiles
  • Profit Estimate
  • Queue
  • Remember Selected Category
  • Remove
  • Remove Favorite Group
  • Required Level
  • Respond to Commands over Guild Chat
  • Respond to Commands over Raid and Party Chat
  • Respond to Whisper Commands
  • Show Filter List
  • Show Materials Cost
  • Show Minor Skills for Alts
  • Show Opposing Faction Alts
  • Show Queue
  • Skill Ups
  • Sort By: %1$s %2$s
  • Tools
  • Tools and Cooldown
  • Tradeskill cannot be linked, and is unavailable.
  • Tradeskills
  • Trivial
  • Undock Window
  • Unignore
  • Unignore this character and show on all other characters.
  • Use Custom Tradeskill Window
  • Use Tradeskill Window
  • View Guild Professions.
  • Whisper Skills for Alts
  • Will display crafted item tooltips when hovering in the skill list.
  • Will let the user place the Tradeskill Window anywhere.
  • Will remember the selected category for each tradeskill.
  • Will respond to guild messages asking for skill links.
  • Will respond to raid and party messages asking for skill links.
  • Will respond to whispers sent to you asking for skill links.
  • Will search your alts for skill links when responding to whisper commands.
  • Will show Cooking, Smelting, Runeforging, and First Aid on other characters.
  • Will show the cost of materials along with the estimate.
  • Will show your alts from the opposing faction in the menu.
  • Will use MrTrader's tradeskill window in place of the default.
  • Will use MrTrader's tradeskill window instead of Blizzard's

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