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I was busy once again yesterday to instruct one of my guild members on how to use Morgdkp2. Perhaps it is an good idea to make an instruction video. Since I'm already doing livestreaming, it should be easy for me to create something. The end result would be one or more instruction videos on youtube. Would this be a good idea? Would you like to participate in this (e.g. by doing some of the talking)? What topics should we discuss?

Preliminary outline:

Video1: Setting up eqdkp classic with the morgdkp2 plug-in.
- Covers how to get the plug-in to work with a classic eqdkp installation.

Video2: Eqdkp classic and Morgdkp2
- Covers the import and export process between the add-on and website

Video3: Morgdkp2 in-game usage.
- Should cover things like initial setup, e.g. fortress needed
- The entire process of starting, looting, adjusting etc.

This way, once we get the eqdkp-plus plug-in done, we could make a movie that only covers that part.

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    Sounds like a great idea! I will post some thoughts on areas where people seem to have the most problems and most unknown features when I get a chance. I am fine with you being the spokesmodel though.


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