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% Member DKP

Accept DKP changes from other raid leaders.

Add ignored item

Add item

Add new item to ignore.  Drag the item to this input box.

Add new item to track.  Drag the item to this input box.

Added %s DKP to %s attendees.

Added %s to item database.

Allow the OFFSPEC button to be used in MorgBid2.

Allow updating bid results in MorgBid2.

Allows you to change the default format for event names.

Always use

Always use the MorgDKP2 loot window even when the mod is in standby mode.

Amount of DKP to remove from members who miss a raid.

Amount of DKP to reward after members have been on the waitlist for the current reward time.

Amount of DKP to reward at raidstart.

Amount of DKP to reward to waitlist members per bosskill.

Amount of DKP to reward to waitlist members when awarding regular members DKP/time. Note: only works if you are awarding DKP/time.

Attendance reward

Autochannel Spam


Automatically enable MorgDKP2 and start a raid when entering a trackable zone.

Automatically set broadcast/receive depending if you are the master looter.


Award DKP

Award DKP to current waitlist members

Award amount

Award immediately

Award time

Awards DKP at raid start and all awards will ignore minimum time in raid.

Background color

Background texture

Background texture of frames/tooltips.

Bank character



BidWar Options

BidWar mode changes the MorgBid query to allow players to bid on items.  Also the MorgDKP tablet uses bids after this NOT member DKP.


Border color

Border texture

Border texture of frames/tooltips.

Boss Attempt Mode

Boss format

Boss loot time


Broadcast DKP changes to other raid leaders.

Changes the DKP step for BidWar mode.  Passes this value to MorgBid2 clients.

Changes the DKP step for TakeBid mode.  Passes this value to MorgBid2 clients.


Channels to spam when starting invites.

Clear Waitlist

Clear currently tracked raids.

Clear player DB

Clear raid DB

Clear the raid database?

Clears all items in the database below the selected item level.

Show minimap icon

Clears all members in the database inactive longer than the selected number of weeks.

Clears all players currently in the database. Does not affect items.

Clears the current tracked raids.

Clears the current wailist.

Core Modules

Core Options

Core of all MorgDKP2 features.

Core of all MorgDKP2 raid tracking features.
Can not be disabled.

Cull item DB

Cull item level

Cull member DB

Cull member level (weeks)

Current rank weight

Custom MorgBid2

DKP Modules


DKP Tracking

DKP award event name

DKP listener

DKP which new members to the database receive.


DKP/time Options

DKP/time event name

DKP/time system which allows you to award DKP at custom intervals.

Database Functions


Demotion event

Determine MorgBid user base.
Also useful to check DKP for alts.

Developer mode

Display Options

Earned DKP for Invites


Enable BidWar mode where the winner is charged the 2nd highest bid value for the item.

Enable BidWar mode with only one round of bidding and no reporting to raid chat.

Enable ML/DE mode


Enable Relational DKP for calculating the earned/spent dkp ratio.

Enable Suicide Kings SotC variant DKP.

Enable Suicide Kings spend all DKP.

Enable TAKE

Enable raid award

Enable random rolling for items.

Enable tooltip hints

Enables DKP removed from item winner to be awarded to raid members.  You must check use zerosum on the import webscript for website DKP to be correct.

Enables changing the text of button hints in MorgBid2.

Enables mode where members are charged a standard price for OFFSPEC items.

Enables mode where members are charged a standard price for TAKE items.

Enables nagging outdated MorgBid2 users.

End Raid

Eqdkp+ event format

Event Names

Event naming

Events for DKP changes

Export Raids

Export format

Exports current raid(s) data for import into website.

Finalizes the current raid.

Fixed DKP


Font color

Font size

Font used in tooltips and frames.

Format of boss event names: 
<zone> - <boss>
Example:  <boss> <diff>

Format of event name: 
<zone> text 
Example:  <zone> DKP

Format of new member DKP event name.

Format of run event name: 
<zone> text 
Example:  <zone> <diff> Run

Format of start event name: 
<zone> text 
Example:  <zone> <diff> Start

Format of waitlist boss events: 
<boss> text 
Example:  <boss> Waitlist DKP

Format of waitlist event names: 
<zone> text 
Example:  <zone> Waitlist DKP

Format to use for raid exports.

Frame scale

GP all members have, added to what they've actually spent on gear. I.e.  EP/(GP + BaseGP)

General display options for main modules.

General options

Grace Period

Higher number for higher display priority. (7 will appear above 3 on the tooltip)


If ML/DE Mode is on then no items will be recorded for the master looter or disenchanter defined by MorgDKP2.

Ignore 6-8

Silent auction

Ignore items worn by members.  This means queries will always be sent even if they have the item.

Ignore members in groups 6-8 when querying for items.

Ignore worn

Ignored items

Immediate Sync Options

Include waitlist

Include waitlist members in DKP calculations.  Note they will still get whatever DKP award is set in the waitlist module.

Initial Sync

Items Sync

Items will be applied to the last boss for this long. (min)

Items will cost a percentage of the members total DKP.

Just enough

Link items on the boss/mob that are above the loot threshold to guild chat.

Link items on the boss/mob that are above the loot threshold to raid chat.

Link to Guild

Link to Raid

List of currently ignored items.  Click to remove item from ignore list.

List of member ranks in the current pool.


Lootframe scale

Maximum amount of DKP that members can exceed their current DKP.

Members Sync

Minimum GP

Minimum amount of DKP that members can bid for an item.

Minimum amount of GP a member can have for calculating the DKP ratio to avoid a new member having a high ratio. ie  200 earned DKP/ (this value)

Minimum bid

Minimum time before offline waitlist members will be removed.

Minimum time to add member to raid and award run DKP.

Minimum time to award run DKP to a waitlist member.

Missed raid DKP

MorgBid2 Nag

MorgBid2 Options

MorgBid2 updating

Morgbid check

NEED text

New member DKP event

New member start DKP




Only items above this iLvl will be saved in the players equipment DB.

Open lootframe at cursor postition

Opens the raidtracker interface.

Options Sync


Overwrite raid

Overwrite the current raid if you receive an initial sync and are currently in a raid.

PASS text


Percent DKP

Percent DKP Options

Percent cost

Percent of member DKP to remove.

Percent take

Player DKP reset to zero!

Player database cleared!

Raid Tracker

Random rolls

Rank weights


Relational DKP

Relational DKP Options

Remember kill times

Remove the ' character from any event names because eqdkp+ is dumb.

Removed %s items from the database.

Removed %s members from the database.

Replace Blizzard

Resends initial sync.  Only needed in cases where you have problems as this is done automatically.

Reset default values.

Resets all members DKP to zero.

Run format


SKSotC Options


SKall Options

Send DB Sync

Sends your current MorgDKP2 options.  Note will restart MorgDKP2 so do not send another sync until it restarts or use full sync and it will be handled properly.

Sends your current database of item DKP values.

Sends your current database of member DKP values, item values, and MorgDKP2 options to the current raid.

Sends your current database of member DKP values.


Single run event

Snap to cursor

Spam Current

Spam Waitinfo

Spam channels automatically when opening the invite tablet.

Spam channels with current waitlist.

Spam channels with waitinfo now.

Standard DKP system.

Standard zero sum system where member is charged for the item and the charged points are divided between all raid members.  You must check use zerosum on the import webscript for website DKP to be correct.

Start Event

Start Raid

Start format

Starts a new raid.

Store your best kill times for bosses.


Syncing password

Syncing system for communicating DKP between raid leaders.

TAKE Percent

TAKE text

TAKE value

TakeBid DKP

TakeBid Options

Text of MorgBid2 NEED button

Text of MorgBid2 OFFSPEC button

Text of MorgBid2 PASS button

Text of MorgBid2 TAKE button

Time in minutes between DKP awards.

Toggle MorgDKP2

Toggle event naming


Use a bank character in raids.

Use earned DKP in the invite tablet (shift-click).

Use events for DKP changes instead of database adjustments.

Use one event for entire raid.  Boss kills will not be tracked separately.

Use percent of item value for OFFSPEC mode.

Use percent of item value for TAKE mode.

Use start event when raid begins.

Variation of Fixed DKP where when you bid take you also enter what you are willing to pay.


Waitlist DKP/time

Waitlist allows members to whisper you for invites and to receive DKP even if not in the actual raid.

Waitlist boss DKP

Waitlist boss event name

Waitlist event name

Waitlist reward

Waitlist run DKP

Waitlist spamming

Waitlist start DKP

When MorgDKP2 is active it's loot frame will replace default.

When using the percent DKP system this option enables TAKE looting.  This means if the winning member rolled TAKE he will not be charged x% DKP he will instead be charged the base price of the item (Set using original itempoints.

When you are in a tracked zone you will track DKP but you will not get the loot popup window or link to the raid.  You will act like a backup raidlog.

Whisper system

Whispers all members (even if they have MorgBid2) so they can reply and bid using whispers.

Zero player DB

Zerosum DKP

Zerosum Options

Attendance based NEED

Invite DKP format

Minimum attendance percentage to allow MorgBid2 clients to roll NEED. 0 is disabled.

Random Options

Use DKP balance/earned DKP/attendance in the invite tablet (shift-click).

Use attendance percent as a multiplier for random rolls. (roll * att/100)

Weighted Random

Maximum time to allow new members to join the waitlist after raidstart. (0 to disable)

Waitlist add time

Attendance value(%) for new members to the database.

New member initial attendance

DKP awards will ignore required minimum time in raid.

Enables mode where the winner is charged a set price if only the winner rolled NEED.

Single NEED

Single NEED value

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