AbilityQueueFrame Ability Queue Frame

BadCommand MonkEC: Enter \"/MonkEC config\" for configuration GUI

BadScaleValue Scale value out of range

BlackOxStatue Black Ox Statue

BuffsDebuffs Buffs/Debuffs

BuffsDebuffsFrameHeader Buffs / Debuffs Frame

BuffsScalingDescription Sets the scaling of the Buffs / Debuffs Frame

BuffsXCoordinateDescription Sets the X-Coordinate of the Buffs / Debuffs Frame

BuffsYCoordinateDescription Sets the Y-Coordinate of the Buffs / Debuffs Frame


ElusiveBrew Elusive Brew

ElusiveBrewThreshold Elusive Brew Threshold

ElusiveBrewThresholdDescription Sets the number of Elusive Brew stacks at which MonkEC will be suggest casting


EnableAbilityQueue Enable ability queue

EnergyTarget Energy Target

EnergyTargetDescription Sets the amount of energy that MonkEC will try to maintain


GuardCheckboxDescription Will suggest using Guard.

HealthPanicThreshold Health Panic Threshold

HealthPanicThresholdDescription Sets the health percentage where MonkEC will suggest survival abilities

Lock_Frame_Description Locks the MonkEC frame

Lock_Frames Lock Frames

MortalWounds Mortal Wounds

OptionalSuggestions Optional Ability Queue Suggestions


ResourceThresholds Resource Thresholds

SanctuaryOfTheOx Sanctuary of the Ox


ScaleDescription Sets the scaling of the MonkEC Frame

SelectSpec All frames hidden until a spec is chosen.

ShowOnlyInCombat Show only in Combat

ShowOnlyInCombatDescription Toggles showing the frames only while in combat


StartupMessage MonkEC loaded. Please type /monkec config for the configuration GUI

SummonStatueCheckboxDescription Will suggest using Summon Black Ox Statue.

TargetChi Target Chi

TargetChiDescription Sets the amount of chi that MonkEC will try to maintain

TigerPower Tiger Power

TouchOfDeath Touch of Death