Adds the possibility to move the minimap to wherever you want it and also style it with border and font.
It also hides all the unwanted icons arround the minimap, but also show some of them when you mouse over.

What it also can do

  • Move and re-size the standard quest tracker.
  • Move the place where your open tickets appear.
  • Move the capture bar.
  • Move the durability frame.
  • Move the vehicle seat frame
  • Move the zone text
  • Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Moves the looking for group queue information window to the middle of the screen
  • Adds coordinates to the minimap, default they are hidden but shows up when mouse over.
  • Hies the tracking icon until mouse over, but can be set to always show.

    Access configuration via "/mm" or DataBroker icon.

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Date created
May 10, 2010
Last updated
May 13, 2010