1 - Alphabetizing plus trivial tweaks

Hello. I don't know how much this addon is maintained these days; it seems to have reached a mature stable state. So if you decide to close this ticket instantly I'll totally understand. :-) Mostly I wanted a stable URL where others could get the patch from, should you decide to not incorporate it.

Changes here are:

  • The top list is sorted according to the Blizzard CLASS_SORT_ORDER table, instead of by whatever next() happens to feel like doing. (Other addons altering CLASS_SORT_ORDER can thus change the master loot display as they expect.) The subgroups for each class are sorted alphabetically.
  • I replaced table-erasing loops with a call to wipe(), and replaced "40" with MAX_RAID_MEMBERS where appropriate. That's simply me being pedantic rather than any performance gains.
  • 5 of the 6 calls to CandidateUnitClass() passed the results to select() in order to drop the first value. So I swapped the order of the return values instead. It's slightly less run-time overhead, at the editing-time cost of "not looking like UnitClass anymore".

Feel free to use or discard as you see fit. Thank you again for this handy addon!

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