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ButtonData StormFX StormFX Jul 14, 2012
ButtonData is a definition table for the default layers of a button. Some button add-ons use built-in templates to create their buttons which causes them to automatically inherit some of the layers associated with their button type. Additionally, these add-ons sometimes have their buttons registered in the global name space. In this case, it isn't necessary for the add-on to pass the layers via the ButtonData table since Masque will try to locate each layer based on the built-in naming...
Groups StormFX StormFX Oct 20, 2014
Masque's Button Group API allows add-on authors to skin their button objects by creating groups and then adding buttons to those groups. Getting Started In order to access the methods for the button group API, one first needs to get a local copy of the group that they wish to add buttons to. For the examples in this documentation, we will assume that we already have a local copy of the group as shown in the example below. Example local myGroup = MSQ:Group("MyAddon", "MyGroup") Methods The...
Masque StormFX StormFX Nov 11, 2014
Masque provides a library-style interface through LibStub. Example local MSQ = LibStub("Masque") The above code would return a local copy of Masque's API object. This local copy could then be used to add a new button skin or to interact with a button group object. For information on the Group API, please see this page. Methods The following is a list of methods available to Masque's API. The examples provided assume that the API object has already been created, as in the introduction example....
SkinData StormFX StormFX Aug 22, 2011
SkinData is a definition table that tells Masque how to skin a button. This table contains information about the skin and a list of layers and their associated skin settings. The format of the skin data table is shown in the example below. Example { -- Skin Information Author = "Name", Version = "1.0", Shape = "Square", Masque_Version = 40200, -- Layer Settings Backdrop = {...}, Icon = {...}, Flash = {...}, Cooldown = {...}, Pushed = {...}, Normal = {...}, Disabled = {...}, Checked = {...},...
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