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i believe that the dbuffs from the cauldrons in ZG should be removed (toxic torment etc) as theese are needed dbuffs to either kill a mob or refrain from being killed quickly. and it gets really spammy acusing soandso of failing at removing a dbuff that shouldnt be removed

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Lumanas Nov 23, 2011 at 06:50 UTC Create

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    I think perhaps you missed the point of the warning - dispelling the nature resist cauldron (Toxic Torment) or the freezing cauldron (Frostburn Formula) is always a mistake. Blizzard made them dispellable debuffs for some crazy reason, but they really should be considered buffs. They have no negative effects and significant positive ones, which is why the player clicked on it in the first place. Libfail reports the healer's knee-jerk reaction of dispelling without paying attention to the fact he's dispelling a helpful (and sometimes essential) effect.

    If it's generating spammy output its because your dispellers are doing the Wrong Thing, but if you really would rather let them fail in silence you can disable the check in the settings under ZG / Zanzil.

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