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I have a small, self-made addon that overrides the default font settings. Since 5.0.4 I have noticed that Bartender 4's hotkey text has reverted to using the (ugly) default of ARIALN.ttf.

It took some time to figure out why, but it appears that in LibActionButton-1.0.lua, during the call to lib:CreateButton() it forcibly uses ARIALN, purportedly for "better readability". Aside from overriding the font file in (WOWPATH)/Fonts/ARIALN.ttf, I can determine no method to alter this behaviour. I should like to request a slight modification (in CreateButton), from:

button.hotkey:SetFont("Fonts\\ARIALN.ttf", 13, "OUTLINE")


button.hotkey:SetFont(button.hotkey:GetFont(), 13, "OUTLINE")

(I must admit I am ignorant of any other effects this might have.)

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