126 - Global Cooldown Bar locked to OOC-not-full alpha

In combat and out of combat, the GCD bar will display at whatever the global OOC-and-not-full alpha is, regardless of combat or target status.

I usually have my OOC-and-no-target and OOC-and-not-full alphas set to 0. When that's the case, using a GCD ability doesn't show the bar, whether I'm in or out of combat, with or without a target. (I tested this by entering combat with the settings menu open, and adjusting the transparency sliders. It looks like the bar frame does "manifest", but at 0 alpha and thus invisible.)

With OOC-a-n-f alpha at 0, if you open the options menu before entering combat, enter combat, and use a GCD ability, the bar doesn't appear. If you then (immediately afterwards) disable the GCD bar from the options menu, re-enable it, and then use another GCD ability, the GCD bar starts appearing as one would expect, at (I suppose) 0.8 alpha, in and out of combat. It stays that way until you change global alpha settings (and possibly any other settings), at which point it becomes locked to the OOC-a-n-f alpha again.

I ended up making a minor change to the LUA that resulted in (what I assume is) the intended manner (with OOC-a-n-f alpha at 0). I enabled the "Always at 100% alpha" option that had been disabled in the LUA, and turned it on. With that done, both background and bar are invisible until a GCD ability is used, at which point they appear and disappear again, regardless of combat or global alpha settings.

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  • Avatar of SteelTheory SteelTheory Nov 19, 2013 at 00:36 UTC - 0 likes

    Would you please tell us exactly which file, and what line(s) of code you edited? Thank you.

    This was my attempt: file: modules\GlobalCoolDown.lua - removed line "opts.alwaysFullAlpha = nil". enabled in-game UI option: "always at 100% alpha".

    It's visible, but now it's at full alpha. I can't set GCD bar to an alpha other than 100%. I have my GCD partly overlapping the cast bar. When colored black, and at certain alpha, this has the effect of partially shading the cast bar until the GCD passes; at which time the bar shows full color. With GCD at full alpha, this shading does not work. Also, the GCD bar is sometimes above, sometimes below cast bar. I would prefer a consistent result each time.

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