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  • _ForgeUser3339292 created this issue Jan 6, 2011

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
    Basic Guide on how to make your own texture.
    Should add this under a Help option or redirect it to your icehud post or just add a link to it or something.. anyways here is my attempt
    Please provide any additional information below.

    Tools we will be using
    Adobe Photoshop(should work the same with gimp.)

    Format to save in
    .tga 8-bit RGB 32-bit w/o RLE Compression with Alpha 1 Mask used/unchecked.
    (you CAN mix and match any of those numbers, though I like to keep it equally the same.)
    Addon Author stated its by powers of 2.

    Steps I use to make textures

    1. Create a transparent image file with one of the above powers of 2(64x64,128x128,256x256,512x512)
    2. Convert it to 8-bit Color Depth and select Grayscale color mode.
    3. Make your "Tank", ((the brighter the color the more apparent it will be shown, the darker the color the more hidden it will be shown. (Find a middle ground))
    4. Goto Masks that shows RGB,Red,Green,Blue. After merging your "Tank" to a transparent background.
    5. Duplicate Blue Mask Layer and rename that new Duplication to Alpha 1(make sure there is a space between and its case sensitive)
    6. Change your color mode from Grayscale to RGB and save as .tga
    7. Select 32bit and uncheck RLE Compression
    8. Voila, new texture. make two copys of the file one ending in BG for background and the other the main name of the file...
    9. Dunno what I mean by what to call it? see to the IceHUD texture folder for examples.

    ps. this may need to be cleaned up but it is practically there ;)

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  • Parnic posted a comment Jan 6, 2011

    X and Y don't have to be the same, by the way. Each just has to be a power of 2. 64x512 would work just fine, as an example.

  • _ForgeUser3339292 posted a comment Jan 6, 2011

    yeah I stated that on step 1 that its powers of 2 and in () i gave an example.. and under format to save in within the () there as well ;)

    but you know.. there is always people who will not understand i guess...

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