7 - Only show missing buffs that are castable by me

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
I would like a filter for auras that I can cast.

What I hope to achieve is functionality similar to the one feature I miss from GridStatusMissingBuffs, which was that I could select which classes my character had to be to show missing buffs.  This allowed me to apply all of them to a single profile which is much easier for me to manage than one for each class.  Then it would only show Arcane Brilliance for example, when I'm on my mage, MotW when I'm on my druid, etc.

I figure this functionality could be had easily enough with GSAE if you can enable an option to just show the status when my current character can cast one of the buffs in the list for that buff group.

Thanks for your consideration of this feature request.

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Yutaka Nov 10, 2010 at 01:03 UTC Create

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    I found a comment requesting a similar feature and for a similar reason, and your response was that it was possible, but you could always just create different profiles.

    Let me elaborate that I'm an altoholic, and every addon that requires individual configuration every time I make a new toon is that much longer before I can play my new toon.

    Also, if I make one change to how I want my Grid displaying, I must then remember to propogate that to all 10 class profiles. And if I don't do that immediately, all of a sudden my profiles all start to have different features. This Shaman's Grid shows this particular debuff from a raid boss, but not my priest even though he could also dispel it also, etc. This is what I was dealing with when I finally decided to switch over to a single unified profile, and it is Heavenly. If you could add this feature to help support myself and others of a similar mind, I would much appreciate it.

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