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FlaskMinder:ChangeLog            v0.2.1f        2011/08/17      DigitalSorceress

v0.2.1f - 2011/08/17
  Tested for patch 4.2
  Updated TOC for 4.2
v0.2.1e - 2011/04/26
  Tested for patch 4.1
  Updated TOC for 4.1

v0.2.1d - 2011/03/04
  Removed "Flask of Battle" as it actually just provides straight Draconic Mind, winds, Strength, and so-on

v0.2.1c - 2011/01/05
  Updated all locales to fix several elixir procs and to get the wowhead links right

v0.2.1b - 2011/01/05
  Fixed stupid mistake I made in Locale-esMX.lua

v0.2.1a - 2011/01/05
  Fixed stupid mistake I made in Locale-esES.lua

v0.2.1 - 2010/12/28
  Added flask procs from Flask of Enhancement - apparently, each proc (strength, intellect, agility) has its own separate buff tooltip

v0.2.0 - 2010/12/24
  Added new Cata flasks and elixirs for enUS, esES, esMX, frFR, and deDE
  Sorry I didn't do this back in October, but I was more concerned with it not being broken rather than including the new stuff

v0.1.4 - 2010/10/13
  Tested for v4.0
  Updated ToC for 4.0
v0.1.3 - 2010/02/05
  Updated ToC page ... 3.3 not properly coming though

v0.1.2 - 2009/12/08
  Updating ToC for 3.3

v0.1.1 - 2009/11/18
  Added deDE locale thanks to Lesyde
  Added esES locale for the FUNCTIONAL parts - buff names so they proc properly),
  but not to descriptions... soliciting help to localize fully
  Added esMX locale for the FUNCTIONAL parts - buff names so they proc properly),
  but not to descriptions... soliciting help to localize fully

v0.1.0 - 2009/11/12
  Incremented Minor version as this is going to be a pretty big reworking to make localization actually possible
  Moved the assembly of the flask and elixir lists into FlaskMinder.lua
  Vastly changed flask and elixir descriptsions to be more compatible with internationalization
  Built a Locale-frFR.lua and did BAD google translations

v0.0.10 - 2009/11/06
  Added "Flask of the North" to allowable flasks in Locale-enUs.lua
  Made Vehicle filter checkbox more clear (checking EVEN WHILE IN VEHICLE)
  Fixed a bug in the filterCheck() function that was ignoring status of vehicleFilter  

v0.0.09 - 2009/08/12
  Stubbing in "not when in vehicle"
    Added vehicleFilterFlag to options, and added checkbox in the Filters section of config
    Dry-coded the filter .. this is SOOO not gonna work the first try gonna commit as alpha

v0.0.08 - 2009/08/05
  Updated TOC for patch 3.2
  Please contact me if you find that something isn't working properly
v0.0.07 - 2009/04/29
  Fixed a logic error in the "in party" group filter that was preventing checks if you had a 2 member party

v0.0.06 - 2009/04/29
  Added "Ready Check" update option  

v0.0.05 - 2009/04/27
  Added /fm timer  command to show time left on the masterTimer
  Cleaned up filter options more as I have a better idea of the direction I'm heading
  Created Sound Options config page
  Created Timing Options config page
  Implemented the group/instance filtering
  Implemented a timer option

v0.0.04 - 2009/04/27
  Added Configuration options pane for group / instance filters.. not actually active yet, but it's there
  Added all the EN-US localizations to go with the filter options
  Added /fm group chat command to test group types (debugging use only really)

v0.0.03 - 2009/04/21
  Got /fm debug flag working
  Added /fm check  slash command to force an immediate check
    Add a message when all is well and check is forced
    consider adding rogue poisions
    see about making it less spammy
    see about detecting raid/party presense and consider throttling up/down the frequency of checks

v0.0.02 - 2009/04/21
  Fixed (hopefully) the bugs and logic errors from the initial creation
  Tested with food buffs, flasks and elixirs
  Seems a bit spammy, but then again, maybe you WANT to be spammed

v0.0.01 - 2009/04/20
  Initial creation - totally dry coded - just too many errors to work


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