117 - Better interaction with Blizzard keybinds/UI buttons

I use SHIFT-B to open bags since I use B for something else, so when I hit SHIFT-B it opens the default bags instead of famBags.  Other bag addons that I've discarded in favor of famBags could do this, so I'd like to see famBags behave the same way that it uses the Keybound option for opening bags instead of defaulting it to B.

Also famBags is hiding the Blizzard bag bar.  If I bring it up using Bartender again it's opening default bags, and again the other bag addons were able to open their bags instead of the Blizzard default bags.  I'd like to see a tweak that doesn't hide the bag bar and interacts with it so that clicking on it opens famBags instead of the default bags.  (At the moment I'm using Titan-Bags to open famBags.)

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    famBags has its own shortcuts, you can find'em in the game's main menu, at the Bindings option below the 'famBags' category.

    Also, you can disable the collection of default bag slots in the addon's options at 'famBags' -> 'Bag slots' -> 'Collect Blizzard default yada yada yada'.

    Please take a look and let me know if these solves the issues so I can close this ticket.

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