101 - Better restacking logic

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When using the item re-stacking feature items should be moved into crafting bags if available.

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famBags currently keeps track of crafting bags separately from generic bag slots so it seems like it should be fairly trivial to check on herbs/ore/dust/etc. to see if there are any free crafting bags slots, and if so to move the item into one of them. I might be wrong, but I think a simple type/sub-type check should be good enough to determine if an item is eligible for being placed inside a crafting bag.

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  • Avatar of thebadmf thebadmf Jul 30, 2011 at 18:30 UTC - 0 likes

    Not strictly the same but, now that cut gems stack, fambags doesn't automatically do it, so crafting many cuts a. needs a free slot even if there is one of the gem in my bags and b, means I hae to keep hitting optimize stacks to get them stacked and not take loads of slots.

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