Eclipse Bar Plus

9 - Warning when your next spell is guaranteed to proc eclipse

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

Now clue how it should be done visually

Please provide any additional information below.

Eclipse gains:
SS Always 15 to the said you are moving towards
SF: Can only give you 40 if you are
a) Not under Lunar
b) Have <=35 eclipse energy

Gains of -26/-27, like SF, only happen when you are
a) Not under Solar
b) Have >=-35 eclipse energy

There is also nothing random about when -13 vs -14, especially since there can be no -26/27 towards the end. It is repeating pattern:
-13 -13 -14 -13 -13 -14 -13 -13 -14...
This would be awesome to have it show if the wrath that is in flight + the one you are casting at the moment are guaranteed to procs eclipse:
If you are at -74, one wrath flying, one casting => Your next cast should be Starfire
If you are at -73, one wrath flying, one casting and the last gain of wrath was -13 => You next cast should be Starfire

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