Mod FeedBack

All items are required in requesting help, feedback, or reporting a problem. Failure to do so will result in your ticket being closed as invalid. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. :-)

  • Download the addon in the Files area.
  • Check the Main page and the Known Issues page for updates on your class/spec. If an issue is listed there as NOT fixed (or your class/spec hasn't been started yet), do not file a report, we know this already. If you do so anyway, your ticket will be closed as invalid and ignored otherwise.
  • Check the tickets open and see if an issue was already reported. DO NOT REPORT THE SAME ISSUE as someone else. Nobody wants to see 50 tickets saying the same thing. Yours will be closed as a duplicate and ignored otherwise
  • Open a new ticket using the following criteria:
    • REQUIRED: Subject should be short but descriptive. Example: "LUA error upon login for (class - spec)"
    • REQUIRED: Body should contain every REQUIRED item listed in the following criteria (You can even label it accordingly to make it easy to read):
      • REQUIRED: Note your version number AND type - this is highly important. Types are listed here:
        • Alpha: This code type is unstable and bound to have problems. If you do not want to test potentially unstable, unfinished, or otherwise experimental code, do not use this. Generally, only a small number of people should want to test this (usually a developer or a closed set of alpha testers). Also note, we may not respond to Alpha bug reports unless we've asked for testing. We already know it may not be working, getting another report about it is generally a waste of time for everyone. So, please only file a bug report for Alpha state if and only if we ask for it.
        • Beta: This code type is generally thought to be stable but may have a few lingering problems. Generally, more people will want to test this and will not be surprised if there are errors.
        • Release: This code type is stable. While it may have some unexpected errors or inaccurate data, it was not discovered by the testers. Generally, most people will want this.
      • REQUIRED: Indicate which spec AND class you are testing. (For example: If you say Holy, Restoration, or Frost without indicating the class, your ticket will be closed as invalid.)
      • REQUIRED: Note ANY errors given when it is loaded in game. Write them down, screenshot them, do whatever you can, but it is critical that the error be clear and complete. Incomplete errors in a report WILL BE IGNORED (We cannot and will not troubleshoot something that you cannot report clearly)
      • REQUIRED: Write down your pre-combat stats (Attack power for melee/hunters/tanks, Spell power for casters), combat rating AND percent (spell/melee/ranged depending on your class) for all stats: Hit, Expertise, Haste, Crit, Mastery, Intellect, Strength, Attack Power
      • REQUIRED: Write down the numbers for each ability listed in the tooltips/actionbar (or screenshot will be fine) prior to combat
      • REQUIRED: Write down your in-combat stats as you use an ability (screenshots are fine) (Attack power for melee/hunters/tanks, Spell power for casters, combat rating AND percent (spell/melee/ranged depending on your class) for all stats: Hit, Expertise, Haste, Crit, Mastery, Intellect, Strength, Attack Power
      • REQUIRED: Any procs active at the time of the issue (set bonuses, trinket procs, ability procs, etc.)
      • REQUIRED: Write down the numbers listed in combat for said ability you think is wrong
      • REQUIRED: Write down any buffs you had (that may not be listed or explicitly stated in your above numbers) _during and BEFORE combat_.
      • EXTREMELY HELPFUL: Include the spellids of the buffs as they appear in your BUFFs area (not your action bar).
      • REQUIRED: Write down any tier bonuses, trinkets, etc, you have.
      • OPTIONAL: You may also include a link to your character in the armory if it will help us figure out what's going on - but make sure you are in the gear and spec on the armory for the one you are reporting.
      • OPTIONAL: World of Logs link to testing on a combat dummy are completely fine and probably cool enough to help troubleshoot.
      • SUGGESTED: Add any relevant links in the ticket, but please understand that they should be in universally usable format (screenshots in jpg, png, gif, bmp format are fine), text captures in TEXT format are fine (DO NOT SEND WORD DOCUMENTS, Thanks).
  • NOTE: Do not add opinions on tickets. State the facts and report what you are 'expecting' or 'unexpectedly' received.
  • NOTE: Avoid long winded arguments (nobody wants to read it, we certainly don't either)
  • NOTE: Do not ask unrelated questions to the issue at hand
  • NOTE: Do not post in someone else's ticket to say "me too" (and anything like that) or chime in unless you can offer a fix or otherwise contribute to troubleshooting the problem.
  • NOTE: Do not bump tickets to ask for an update. You'll get an update when project members can provide one.
  • NOTE: Do NOT pester any project member in game for support. All support is done through this site ONLY. (Trust us, nobody contributing to this will be able to answer an unending stream of questions. You're not the only one using this mod, so consider that.)


Date created
Feb 08, 2013
Last updated
Feb 12, 2013