Known Issues

Do not open a ticket on any issue listed here. We know (or it wouldn't be here!) the issue exists and we will work on it (or not) as indicated.

  • General
    • The mod: "Ion" is not currently supported. Gagorian is attempting to work with the author of the addon to correctly and cleanly implement integration. As this is not listed in the supported mods, it is not currently supported until the author replies back with information on it.
    • Older versions of the mod (post Cata) may have had an issue displaying tooltips due to the libs provided by WoWAce acting weird. If you experience this, delete the old folder for DrDamage and download a version later than r1769.
    • Pre-Mists version: 1.9.0_release is not compatible with any version of WoW starting at 5.0. This is known and completely expected. Please do not test nor report bugs for any version of the mod prior to the latest mod version available.
    • Tooltips. Some abilities do not currently update properly with the in-game tooltips. However, the addon is generally correct when this is the case. Examples of known in-game tooltip update failures as follows:
      • Chain heal when Riptide is on the target.
      • Any mage tooltip for Fire when Pyromaniac is active.
      • Waterbolt for Frost mage pets when standing in Rune of Power.
      • Master of Subtlety does not update tooltips to 10% greater damage when active.
      • Devouring Plague's in-game tooltip either double or triple benefits from Inner Fire - but the ability's damage does not.
      • Healing stream totem (at any time) - mod is correct.
      • Healing tide totem (at any time) - mod is correct.
  • PvP
    • Hit/Expertise values for PvP may be inaccurate (untested).
    • PvP Power is only partially implemented.
  • Rogues
    • Prey on the Weak talent isn't implemented. This is because the aura ids for the buffed vs unbuffed values are identical. Meaning that if another rogue saps a target but doesn't have the talent (but you do), it would incorrectly list in the calculations that it was buffed when it isn't. In addition, this particular talent is not globally implemented (as it increases damage from all sources) for the same reason.
    • Shadow blades may not be displaying in auto attack correctly yet.
    • Assassination:
      • Untested. (OK to report issues)
  • Druids
    • Resto values mostly right. Need to test harmony.
      • OK to report issues
    • Balance values may be wrong (untested)
      • OK to report issues
  • Priests
    • Level 90 talents may not be accurate
    • Disc
      • Mastery weighting does not currently display or update for Divine Aegis but the calculations for heals/bubbles should be correct. (Please do not report the mastery weight display issue - but the values for healing/bubbles can be reported if inaccurate.)
      • Healing/bubbles for 5.2 needs testing. (OK to report issues.)
    • Holy
      • Renew is not currently displaying mastery for the first direct hit portion (15%) of the hot. This is a known issue but relatively minor. (thanks to aqCelestyna for pointing this out).
    • Shadow
      • Shadow mastery is not yet implemented at least for the dots (the orbs mastery portion is unchanged.)
      • Devouring Plague healing component not active (disabled).
      • OK to report issues
  • Shaman
    • Healing tide totem implemented (hasn't been tested for resto/enhance yet).
    • Healing stream totem values not tested for enhancement (works for elemental/resto)
    • Enhancement may be incorrect
      • OK to report issues
      • Not tested yet.
  • Paladins
    • Holy:
      • Mostly ready. Need to do some more testing.
      • OK to report issues
    • Ret:
      • Templar's verdict values need to be tested (3 charges of holy power is fine, but tooltips do not indicate what the first and second charges are, so testing will be needed.)
      • Needs additional testing.
      • OK to report issues
    • Prot:
      • Untested, though not many modifiers exist. Mostly, need to verify consecration is valid.
      • OK to report issues
    • All:
      • Seal of Truth/Command do not report additional damage on each ability because of how seals have changed to stances (from buffs) in game. It is possible they never will because of the stance changes. If so, we will update this page saying so and put it in the Changelog/README.
      • Level 90 talents implemented but untested.
  • Warrior
    • All:
      • Untested but may be ready (OK to report issues)
  • DeathKnight
    • All:
      • Untested but may be ready. (OK to report issues)
  • Hunters
    • All
      • Untested but may be ready. (See below before reporting other issues):
    • Marksmanship:
      • Serpent Sting is currently incorrectly benefiting from Wild Quiver. Will be fixed soon.
  • Warlocks:
    • All:
      • Pet abilities which do weapon damage based on a % of pet weapon damage are not display. This didn't display in any prior version of the addon either. However, pet abilities which are based on spell power are now reported by the addon (this is new functionality which may be removed if it doesn't prove useful). Testing on this and feedback would be appreciated.
      • Basic implementation but needs testing. (OK to report issues)
  • Everything else
    • Not done, not ready.


Date created
Feb 11, 2013
Last updated
May 24, 2013