11 - Keybindings for chat channels

It would be great to have an option to specify keybindings for chat channels for quick access.

Ideally, keybindings should be customized through standard Blizzard "Keybindings" dialog. It should be possible to bind keys for all standard channels: Say, Yell, Emote, Group, Raid, Guild. Maybe it makes sence to allow bindings for standard channels like General, Trade, etc.

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  • Avatar of Rilynn Rilynn Oct 26, 2008 at 14:36 UTC - 0 likes

    Here is some code from the mod I was using previously, CHATMOD. If I knew anything about programming I would try to make this work but I do not. I dont know if this will help but I didnt think it would hurt to provide it as a base to work from.

    <Binding name="OFFICERMESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("o")</Binding>

     <Binding name="CC1_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("1")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC2_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("2")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC3_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("3")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC4_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("4")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC5_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("5")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC6_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("6")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC7_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("7")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC8_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("8")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC9_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("9")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="CC10_MESSAGE">SCCN_SET_CHAT_TO("10")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="WT_MESSAGE">if( UnitName("target") == nil ) then SCCN_write("No Target for /tt"); else SCCN_KeyBinding_ChatFrameEditBox("/w "..UnitName("target")); end</Binding> 
     <Binding name="SELECT_CHATWINDOW1">SCCN_SELECT_CHAT_WINDOW("1")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="SELECT_CHATWINDOW2">SCCN_SELECT_CHAT_WINDOW("2")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="SELECT_CHATWINDOW3">SCCN_SELECT_CHAT_WINDOW("3")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="SELECT_CHATWINDOW4">SCCN_SELECT_CHAT_WINDOW("4")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="SELECT_CHATWINDOW5">SCCN_SELECT_CHAT_WINDOW("5")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="SELECT_CHATWINDOW6">SCCN_SELECT_CHAT_WINDOW("6")</Binding> 
     <Binding name="SELECT_CHATWINDOW7">SCCN_SELECT_CHAT_WINDOW("7")</Binding> 
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