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As a part of virtual realms, Blizzard changed the format of character names that include the server. Previously, the name and server were separated by a space, a dash, then a space. Now it will just be a dash. Character Notes could store notes for characters from other servers but it used the older format. When you first run version 2.2+ it should find and update any of these older "cross-server" names. Going forward, all names will use the newer format though.


Character Notes allows you to set and manage notes on other player's characters. Notes are stored per realm so notes are shared across your characters on a realm. Notes can be set on any character name. The notes are simple and generic and are not tied to a friend, an ignored character, etc.

Notes are displayed:

  • When that character logs on
  • When you do a /who on that character
  • In unit tooltips
  • Optionally as a hyperlink in chat
  • From a command line interface
  • From a GUI interface

Notes can be set and managed:

  • By right-clicking on a unit frame
  • Right clicking a name in chat or in the friends list
  • From a command line interface
  • From a GUI interface
  • LDB launcher to bring up the GUI interface
  • Minimap button to bring up the GUI interface

Additional Features:

  • LibAlt integration. See below.

Command-line options:

  • /notes - Brings up the GUI
  • /searchnote <search term> - Brings up the GUI. Optional search term allows filtering the list of notes.
  • /setnote <name> <note> Sets a note for the character name specified.
  • /delnote <name> Deletes the note for the character name specified.
  • /getnote <name> Prints the note for the character name specified.
  • /editnote <name> Brings up a window to edit the note for the name specified or your target if no name if specified.

Character Notes can use LibAlts to get main-alt information. If no note is found for a character but one is found for the main of that character, it will display the note for the main.

Notes can be stored for characters not from your server but you'll need to use /editnote or the "Edit Note" menu item due to the spaces in the name (from the server name added at the end).

Note Links will add a hyperlink in chat next to any player name that you have set a note for. Clicking the "note" link will display the note in a tooltip.

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