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Cartographer Fix for 3.3

Dec 21, 2009 yuffles Release Required dependency
This is a simple addon to fix cartographer and the world map under patch 3.3. WARNING: Does not fix the blizzard built-in objective tracking. This feature will be unavailable while using this addon! This is not an update to cartographer! This addon fixes parts of blizzard's UI added in 3.3, thus allowing cartographer to function correctly
show quest objective info


Aug 17, 2009 lahow Abandoned Required dependency
Cartographer_QuestInfo is a quest library module for Cartographer. Cartographer_QuestInfo has built-in database for quests, no need to record quest first, you get the info instantly. Provide info for nearly every quest. Quest info are data mined from wowhead/allakhazam/wowbox website, so it is almost complete and up-to-date. Provide quest start and end npc or item info, you get the name and location. Provide quest objective info, you get the mob level and location. Provide quest series info....
  • 2 reverse relationships found