Broker_Itemlist watches class reagents in your bag by default. It is also capable of watching any item. You can have the items displayed in the tooltip or on the broker text. Now also supports watching items in the bank.

Add item:
Simply drag an item from your bag to the add item field in the options menu.

Delete item:
Uncheck it in the options panel to quit watching the item or click it in the delete dropdown to permanently delete it.

Note: It will track items from your currency tab by scanning them when you load into WoW.


  • Items - select which items you want shown in the tooltip
  • Show in text - select which items you want shown on the LDB text
  • Tooltip icon size - Set icon size in the tooltip
  • Custom icons - off by default. If you find default text icons too small then you can try set icon size and x/y offset manually. This tends to have the effect of making the text move up as icons increase (blizz bug) You can try offset this using your LDB display options as well.
  • Dev mode

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Date created
Jan 31, 2009
Last updated
May 30, 2010