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Button grow direction

Button scale

Click to open Breakables options.


Font size

Hide bar

Hide during combat

Hide Eq. Mgr items

Hide if no breakables

Hide Tabards

Hold shift and left-click to drag the Breakables bar around.

How many breakable buttons to display next to the profession button at maximum


Max number to display


Show soulbound items

This controls which direction the breakable buttons grow toward.

This sets the size of the text that shows how many items you have to break.

This will completely hide the breakables bar whether you have anything to break down or not. Note that you can toggle this in a macro using the /breakables command as well.

This will scale the size of each button up or down.


Welcome Thanks for using |cff33ff99Breakables|r! Use |cffffff78/brk|r to open this menu or |cffffff78/breakables|r to access the same options on the command line.

Hold shift and drag the profession button to move the breakables bar around. You can also click directly on any breakable item button to break it without having to click the profession button first.

If you have any feature requests or problems, please email [email protected]|r or visit the ||r or ||r page and leave a comment.

Whether or not to display soulbound items as breakables.

Whether or not to hide items that are part of an equipment set in the game's equipment manager.

Whether or not to hide tabards from the disenchantable items list.

Whether or not to hide the action bar if no breakables are present in your bags

Whether or not to hide the breakables bar when you enter combat and show it again when leaving combat.

You can click on this button to break this item without having to click on the profession button first.

  • 29 phrases found