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28 - Handle spells cooldown

Tracking Buffs and Debuffs is great, but why not tracking spells cooldown too exactly the same way ?
The idea is to have all important informations where it is needed on the screen, thus not having to look both on your action bar and the trackers at the same time. It is probably the only feature that I was missing when switching from BadKitty! to Auracle.

I was able to modify Auracle to handle that. I made a fourth "buffs type" : "spells". On the "SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN" event, Auracle loop through spell trackers, get cooldown information for each and updates them. It works well enough for me, even if it has some imperfections :

1. the "SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN" doesn't seem to trigger when a cooldown ends. So the tracker isn't updated until another spell is cast. I haven't found yet a trigger that could make up for this.
2. the spell tracker only works on a Window that track the player, but this isn't shown on the UI.

As I said, it works well enough for me. Yet, in case you'd be interested, i'm posting the files that I modified.

PS : I apologize for my english which is not very good

Name Size MD5
Auracle.lua 49.2 KiB c683f70fb6f9...
Tracker.lua 40.6 KiB 0b99a1e57c13...
TrackerStyle.lua 33.8 KiB c5b80802fbfc...
Window.lua 50.0 KiB 64bc2f6ea963...
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  • Avatar of taleden taleden Jul 27, 2010 at 16:38 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for the contribution; I'll have a look through your code when I get a chance.

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