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I don't have an error report but rather a request that I think will immensely improve the addon. I am wanting to use Auracle to track debuffs on my target; however, after going through and entering many debuffs that frequently occur in a raid, I was disappointed to see that the "priority ("move up/move down") feature was somewhat of a short coming. What I thought Auracle would do is prioritize certain debuffs based on this and start from the first available tracker and move along to fill out the rest of the space, but how it currently works is each debuff is basically "assigned" a space on the two or three rows I have for debuffs on my target. This ends up being a huge annoyance when I have say, Sunder armor, as a top priority next to my target frame where my debuffs start and then, say Moon Fire, on a much lower priority so instead of filling the available space from start to finish I get Sunder Armor near my target frame and Moon Fire way up in what would be my third row because it is a slow priority on my large lists of debuffs with nothing but a large, awkward gaps in between since I will not always have every single one of these debuffs on the target at one time.

I hope that made sense, I probably made it sound more complicated that it needed to be. For example, if I have three rows of debuff space to show above my target from, like this:


and If I am in an instance and we have Sunder armor ("S") and Moon Fire ("M"), instead of looking like this (with the multiple X representing free space for other debuffs if the display was unlocked):


...It currently looks like this:


So there is just a bunch of blank space where all of the X are instead of grouping the debuffs together and THEN working off of the priority. I would really love to see a feature like that added instead of a static space set for each debuff, as I love the addon and would love to use it as a raid leader for trackign debuffs I care about seeing on the target while being able to filter out a ton of the dots and crap I don't care about.

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    Dynamic tracker positioning is on the it'd-be-nice-someday list, but it's also not quite what Auracle was designed for. It sounds like you only want to see which debuffs are present and not so much which ones are absent, since in your scheme you'll have to visually scan through the list to determine that, rather than looking directly at the one disabled tracker icon in its normal position.

    My intention for Auracle was to help me keep tabs on groups of similar debuffs, including ones that are missing. In order to do that, I found it easiest to have each tracked group in a static position, so I could look directly there and see if it was present, rather than having to scan through a list that was constantly growing and shrinking.

    For the moment, you could try breaking up your trackers into multiple windows, rather than having them all in one solid block. Then you could position the important ones near the unit frame, and move the less important ones elsewhere.

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