Auracle (De)Buff Monitor

26 - automatic monitor debuff and item buff

in the current mechanism, all trackers/windows need to be added manually, and need to know the buff/debuff's name for matching.
my suggestion is add 2 default windows:
track all debuff on player. for example, in a Sindragosa fight, it need to track a few debuffs, such as Mystic buffet, Unchained Magic, Instability etc. adding those debuff one by one is not funny.
track all item proc buff. such as Frostforged Saga from ICC rep ring. Surging Power from Dislodged Foreign Object, Cultivated Power from Muradin's Spyglass, Lightweave from Lightwave Embroidery. i know there many names in languages. but can be found in combat log site e.g. worldoflogs, wowmeteronline

BTW thank for your great works.

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    In general, my concept for Auracle was to provide consistent user-configured tracking (or ignoring) for user-configured buff/debuff groups, rather than simply listing every active buff/debuff (the stock UI already does that, and there are plenty of addons to customize that style of aura display).

    However, I could see a use for a "setup" mode that watches for new buffs/debuffs and creates new trackers for each one. Then you could activate "setup" mode, run through a fight once, and then turn it off again; at the end you'd have trackers for each buff/debuff that appeared during the fight, which you could then streamline, customize and edit, rather than having to define all of them by hand initially.

    Thanks for the suggestion; unfortunately I have limited time at the moment for development of new features, so it may be awhile before I can get to this.

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