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AtlasLoot_Source Versions

  • Beta Version (4.3): 0.3b
  • Nightly Build/Alpha Version: SVN

What is Atlasloot_Source

Atlasloot_Source is an official plugin for AtlasLoot, made by the AtlasLoot team itself, that shows the source of an item below its default tooltip. Although this addon closely related to AtlasLoot it does not require AtlasLoot to be installed!


  • Shows the drop location of an item.
  • Shows the source of an item (for example Midsummer Festival or Darkmoon Faire).
  • Shows the profession, skill and required reagents for a craftable item.
  • Shows the costs of items that are sold by vendors.
  • Shows the item ID (disabled by default).
  • Tooltip colors are customizable.


  • Enhance Crafting tooltips.
  • Add localizations.
  • Integrate user suggestions.

Known Bugs

  • Recipes show drop locations twice.
  • Some bosses and instances have a #B# behind their names.

Current Team

  • Project Lead: Hegarol
  • Co-Authors: Lag


This mod is distributed under Version 2 of the GPL. A copy of the GPL is included in this zip file with links to non-English translations.

Thanks to

A special thanks goes to pceric!


Date created
Sep 26, 2011
Last updated
Feb 27, 2012