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Aug 28, 2012 Odlaw Abandoned Required dependency
A filter for PassLoot for AtlasLoot wish list support. Usage: - Make sure the AtlasLoot module is enabled in the modules tab of PassLoot. - Simply add this filter to any rule and select the WishList you wish to match against. - The 'All' option match all wishlists on every player. - The 'Current Player' option will match all wishlists on the current player. - If AtlasLoot is not loaded, the rule will not match.


Apr 29, 2011 organizedevolution Abandoned Required dependency
What is AtlasLootAdvancedSearch AtlasLoot Advanced Search is a plug-in for the AtlasLoot Enhanced addon. AtlasLoot Advanced Search enhances AtlasLoot by providing additional search modes, enhancing existing search functionality, and more control over some of the common tasks in the loot browser - all via seamless integration. Features Seamless integration: very small, light-weight, non-intrusive. The look-and-feel of AtlasLoot is not affected in any way. More Search Options: Allows you to...


Mar 15, 2015 Sylna Beta Required dependency
BdsK-RaidAssist is a addon to make a raiders and a raid leaders day easier and support them in sorting out which raid members still needs loot from which boss and to respect the raid members mood when it comes to changes in the lineup. More features to come....
  • 3 reverse relationships found