Ackis Recipe List


Arcanomancer Vridiel

Arcatraz Sentinel

ARCHAEOLOGY_HIGHBORNE Available from Highborne Archaeology digsites.

ARCH_DROP_ULD This recipe is a random drop from a "Canopic Jar" while collecting artifacts for Archaeology.

Archmage Alvareaux


Argent Quartermaster Hasana

Argent Quartermaster Lightspark

Argo Strongstout

Aristaleon Sunweaver

Arkkoran Oracle

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Arsenio Zerep

Arthur Denny

Arthur Henslowe

Arthur Moore

Artificer Daelo

Artificer Harlaan

Artificer Nissea



Ashleaf Sprite

Ashtongue Warrior

Aska Mistrunner

Auchenai Monk

Auria Irondreamer

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Awan Iceborn