Ackis Recipe List



English: Tanner Pang
Current German: Gerber Pang
Translated by RildisWolkenwolf Sep 28, 2012
English: Zen Master Lao
Current German: Zenmeister Lao
Translated by Skatch Oct 02, 2012
English: Cullen Hammerbrow
Current German: Cullen Hammerstirn
Translated by RildisWolkenwolf Sep 28, 2012
English: Obtained randomly via the daily Facet of Research.
Current German: erhält man zufällig beim Täglichen Forschungsfacetten
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Sep 26, 2012
English: San Redscale
Current German: San Rotschuppe
Translated by RildisWolkenwolf Sep 28, 2012
English: Found in the "Barrel of Banana Infused Rum" in Krasarang Wilds.
Current German: Zu finden im "Fass mit Bananenrum" in der Krasarangwildnis
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Sep 29, 2012
English: Nam Ironpaw
Current German: Nam Eisentatz
Translated by Skatch Oct 02, 2012
English: Contained in "Tablet of Ren Yun" found atop Mount Neverest in Kun-Lai-Summit.
Current German: Erlernbar durch "Tafel von Ren Yun" auf dem Gipfel des Nimmerlaya im Kun-Lai-Gipfel
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Oct 08, 2012
English: Stonebreaker Ruian
Current German: Steinbrecher Ruian
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Oct 09, 2012
English: There are four spawn spots in Blackrock Depths: just before entering the Manufactory, in Golem Lord Arglemach's room, in the Manufactory on a bench, or in the Mold Foundry.
Current German: Es gibt vier Spawn Punkte in den Schwarzfelstiefen: kurz vorm Eingang zur Manufaktur, in Golemlord Arglemach's Zimmer, in der Manufaktur auf einer Bank oder in der Form Gießerei
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Dec 21, 2012