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Change log

James D. Callahan III:
    - Variable name changes for clarity.
    - Made things easier by assigning the AcquireType by title case: private.ACQUIRE_TYPES[private.ACQUIRE_TYPE_IDS.WORLD_DROP] becomes private.AcquireTypes.WorldDrop for example.
    - Moved CanDisplayRecipe() and its integral parts from Interface/List.lua to Recipe.lua as Recipe:CanDisplay()
    - Each AcquireType is now responsible for its own list entries via the ExpandListEntry method.
    - Removed private.AddListEntry()
    - Replaced private.reputation_list with the Reputation AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Replaced private.world_events_list with the WorldEvents AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Clarification of variable names and the nature of the lookup error.
    - Replaced private.discovery_list with the Discovery AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Replaced private.custom_list with the Custom AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Replaced private.quest_list with the MobDrop AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Replaced private.mob_list with the MobDrop AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Minor fix.
    - Replaced private.vendor_list with the Vendor AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Rewrote SearchByList() to take an AcquireType ID and use that AcquireType's Entities.
    - Replaced private.trainer_list with the Trainer AcquireType's Entity table.
    - Added addon.Frame.list_frame to the private table as list_frame
    - Changed the AccAcquireData Recipe method to infer the Entity table to use based on the AcquireType ID passed - the unit_list parameter was replaced with the has_entity_list parameter.
    - Rewrote FactionTally() to take an AcquireType ID to use that AcquireType's Entities. Revamped its usage from trainers, vendors, and quests to work with any AcquireType which has coordinates.
    - Rewrote find_empties() to take an AcquireType ID and use that AcquireType's Entities.
    - Added the Debug function to the private table.
    - Added the AcquireType methods AddEntity, Entities, and GetEntity - each works off of the _entities table per AcquireType, which will replace all of the X_list tables.
    - Moved Retired in the filter UI from General to Acquisition and alphabetized Acquisition.
    - Merge fix.
    - Moved color data from CATAGORY_COLORS into the AcquireTypes themselves. Added AcquireType method ColorData to expose this.
    - Fix ticket 1601 - Recipe for Icy Chill added back to game
    - Fix ticket 1602 - Daleohm is Neutral, not Horde
James D. Callahan III:
    - Seasonal.lua=>WorldEvents.lua and InitSeasons=>InitWorldEvents
    - seasonal_list=>world_events_list
    - AddSeason=>AddWorldEvent
    - Added section headers to the prototype definitions.
    - recipe_prototype=>Recipe
    - Clarification.
    - Check the list entry's Recipe, not its AcquireType, for coordinates to see whether or not to display the waypoint tooltip hint - the latter only works if we're looking at a list in the Acquisition tab.
    - Added HasCoordinates Recipe method - returns true if any of the recipe's Acquire Types have coordinates.
    - Transferred the Acquire Type waypoint functions to the Acquire Types themselves, accessible via the WaypointTarget method.
    - Name change for clarity.
    - Replaced the ListEntry methods AcquireID/SetAcquireID with AcquireType/SetAcquireType.
    - Added the HasCoordinates AcquireType method.
    - Acquire Types are now actual objects in an effort to make them as self-contained, and have a lower chance of error when adding or modifying, as possible.
    - COORD_FORMAT->private.COORDINATES_FORMAT and moved it to Constants.lua
    - Fixed tooltip to show the actual binding type for the recipe's crafted item - was previously using the binding type for the recipe item.
    - Attribution fix.
    - Removed ListFrame:ExpandEntry in favor of having its functionality handled more logically and separately by the Acquisition, Location, and Recipes tabs.
    - ExpandSeasonalData=> ExpandWorldEventData
    - Split tab initialization into a function per tab.
    - Added RETIRED as an acquire type which does not show a tooltip hint for spawning waypoints.
    - Moved RETIRED and ACHIEVEMENT out of an [email protected]@ block...whoops.
    - Use the retired color instead of the custom color for RETIRED entries.
    - Removed the CUSTOM acquisition REMOVED_FROM_GAME - this is now fully handled by the RETIRED acquisition type.
    - Added list and tooltip displays for the RETIRED acquire type.
    - Attempt to display tooltip information for acquire types which have no acquire data.
    - Variable rename. current_entry=>entry
    - Added RETIRED to the list of acquire types which can only be entries in the list; never headers, subheaders, or subentries. Consolidated these into a table named CHILDLESS_ACQUIRE_TYPES.


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