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Change log

James D. Callahan III:
    - Added a quick proof-of-concept LDB menu for quick profession scanning.
    - Under "Display Options", it is now possible to turn off the hint text at the bottom of the acquire tooltip.
    - Renamed the AcquireTab to AcquisitionTab (finding AcquireTable() when doing a search for AcquireTab is annoying.)
    - Changed the text of the Specialty filter's tooltip to better reflect what it does.
    - If a recipe requires a certain specialization, display the fact in the Acquire tooltip.
    - The "Name" tab is now the "Recipes" tab.
    - In ListFrame:ExpandEntry(): Fixed the World Drop check for locations - I broke it when adding sorting.
    - Added world drop locations to 8 Leatherworking recipes
    - Removed "Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj" from the World Drop list for Enchant Chest - Greater Stats
    - Soem comment cleanup and fixed location of a trainer, Waldor.
    - Changed AddRecipeVendor() to AddRecipeLimitedVendor() to some Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking recipes
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added the "Skill Level" checkbox, beneath the "Display Exclusions" checkbox.
    - Moved the sort-mode toggle button to the right-top of the ListFrame.
    - Changing the sort mode now affects entries in the Acquisition and Location tabs.
    - Removed the "Skill" tab - this is now a view mode which works under all tabs.
    - Disable the scrollbar if a filter is un-checked which prevents anything from being shown in the list.
    - Changed the textures for the sort-type toggle button.
    - In SetTooltipScripts(): Anchor the tooltip to the top-right of the frame instead of wherever the hell the default/AddOn-of-choice decides to put it.
    - Added a "Display Exclusions" checkbox beneath the search box.
    - Fixed a button name.
    - Lengthened the SearchBox and moved it higher up on the panel.
    - Added a sort-type toggle button next to the expand-all button.
    - Moved the filter category icons closer to the scroll bar.
    - Finished converting sort-types to tab views save for Ascending and Descending.
    - Default tab is now 3 (Name).
    - Default sorting is now "Ascending" instead of "SkillAsc".
    - Removed TranslateSortName() - no longer required.
    - Anchored the filter_toggle to the right side of WidgetContainer, and filter_reset to the right side of WidgetContainer2.
    - Adjusted the Widget containers to be anchored closer to the MainPanel's right edge.
    - Removed the sort-type dropdown menu and moved the SearchBox to it's now-vacant spot.
    - Adjusted the anchoring of the WidgetContainer.
    - Removed the Search/Clear buttons - they're redundant now that the SearchBox behaves properly.
    - Changed the expand all button to be an actual plus/minus button with the word "All" next to it.
    - Changed AddRecipeVendor() to AddRecipeLimitedVendor() for some Tailoring recipes and added some missing faction filter flags
James D. Callahan III:
    - Changed the layout of the top widgets and completely changed the look of the expand-All button.
    - Changed the texture layer of the MainPanel's backdrop from "ARTWORK" to "BACKGROUND".
    - Added a SearchContainer frame for all of the search-related widgets.
    - Fixed anchoring for WidgetContainer2
    - In the MainPanel's OnShow script: Fixed defaulting to Name view if no applicable match was found.
    - When pressing Enter in an empty searchbox, the default value will be re-set. If already set, the contents will be highlighted.
    - Moved the SearchBox properties above its scripts.
    - Added widget containers to make the frame layout more sane.
    - Made the Filter and Reset buttons the same size as the Search button.
    - Added tabs at the bottom of the panel for view types - these will eventually replace their sort-type counterparts. Preliminary version. Don't file bug reports - this is far from complete.
    - Added world drop locations to the 21 Engineering Schematics that needed it.
    - The concept of child entries is unnecessary - parents will suffice. Greatly simplifies removals in ListItem_OnClick()
    - In ListItem_OnClick(): Re-wrote child entry removal - headers/subheaders no longer spontaneously disappear, but there is hack code to prevent this at the moment.
    - Moved the filter/exclusion updates from ListFrame:Update() to ListFrame:Initialize().
    - In addon:Scan(): Removed calls to addon:UpdateFilers() and Player:MarkExclusions()
    - this is handled in ListFrame:Update() now.
    - Merged ReDisplay() into ListFrame:Update().
    - Replaced all occurrences of MainPanel.scroll_frame with ListFrame, save for where it's set for outside AddOns to interface.
    - Renamed addon:DisplayFrame() to MainPanel:Display() (addon.Frame:Display())
    - Added "is_linked" parameter to addon:DisplayFrame() - saves the linked state to the MainPanel so calls to UpdateFilters() will show correct results.
    - New recipe state: LINKED - used in addon:UpdateFilters() in place of KNOWN if the is_linked parameter is true.
    - In addon:Scan(): Don't mark the profession as having been scanned if it's a linked profession.
    - Removed HasCredentials() - the remaining code in it was of no use.
    - Updated tailoring link
James D. Callahan III:
    - In HasCredentials(): Removed faction-checking code - other functions along the line do this properly.
    - Made two tailoring recipes limited supply vendor acquire
    - In Jewelcrafting and Tailoring databases, changed recipes with AddRecipeVendor() to AddRecipeLimitedVendor() if they have limited supply.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Moved trainer-only recipe check from addon:PrintScanResults() to addon:TooltipScanRecipe(), since recipes with no item never reach the former function.
    - In addon:ScanTrainerData(): Fixed output logic.
    - In Player:HasProperRepLevel() - fixed logic to return the correct values for reputations which aren't stored.
    - In addon:PrintScanResults(): If the recipe is flagged Trainer AND it doesn't have a physical recipe item, warn if its quality isn't Common.
    - In LoadRecipe(): Call addon:InitializeLookups() if it hasn't been already.
    - In addon:PrintScanResults(): Complain if the recipe's quality isn't Common when it's a trainer-learned recipe.
    - Updated the Inscription tradeskill link
    - Ticket 989 - fixed a bunch of qualities for engineering recipes
    - Ticket 988 - Fix quality colors for some Smelting recipes
    - turn off changelog


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