Archy - Archaeology Assistant

300 - Radar Range Reticle

Great job on the addon, just have a suggestion:

Here's what happened:

Was running with _NPCScan and _NPCScan Overlay and in twilight, a nifty little yellow circle showed up on my minimap. I found out that it's exactly 100yd in radius, and that for twilight zones, it worked PERFECTLY as the yellow theodolite light range marker. All I had to do was line up the circle to the boundary of one of the arch maps, and seeing a red light let me know that there were no artifacts in that area. I then proceed to blot out the boundry with my scans until I find the area that contained the artifact.

This made me think: what if you guys had a permanent 100yard circle on the minimap and a smaller circle for the green theo lite? It'd make it a lot easier to visualize the survey area.

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