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Archy is an assistant for Archaeologists that want information at their finger tips.


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  • Localized for English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese users
  • On-screen customizable and movable list for the dig sites on the continent you are current on
  • On-screen customizable and movable list of the artifacts you are researching that can be filtered to display only the races for the continent you are on
  • Racial fragment types are shown for each of the dig sites
  • Solve artifacts with (left click) or without (right click) keystones by clicking on the racial crest icon in the on-screen artifacts list or bind a key for a one stop solve shop
  • TomTom support to help you navigate between dig sites
  • Able to display dig sites on the minimap (closest only or all dig sites)
  • Able to display dig site boundaries on the battlefield mini map
  • Blacklist dig sites in the on-screen digsite list by right clicking on the dig site name. Perfect for when you have a bugged node or a dig site that is in a zone that you dislike.
  • Blacklist races so they do not appear in your artifacts on-screen list and won't be used when the artifact solve keybind is pressed
  • Sound triggers for when you have enough fragments and/or keystones to solve an artifact
  • A dig recorder to see where at a dig site you have successful dug
  • LDB Tooltip showing missing rare artifacts per race and overall archaeology progress
  • many more features

Minimap Button Frame and other similar addons

All Minimap based frames (such as nodes, dig sites and dig site boundaries) have been prefixed now with ArchyMinimap To stop these addons from taking these frames from the minimap, add the following item to their protected items list: ArchyMinimap

Mini-Guide to Fewer Digs

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  • Avatar of SaraelDEde SaraelDEde May 12, 2011 at 20:34 UTC - 0 likes

    There are two more translation errors.

    Like #45 Pakka wrote:

    L["Altar of Zul Digsite"] = "Ausgrabungsstätte am Altars von Zul"


    L["Altar of Zul Digsite"] = "Ausgrabungsstätte am Altar von Zul"


    L["Ironwood Digsite"] = "Ausgrabungsstätte des Eisenholzwaldes"


    L["Ironwood Digsite"] = "Ausgrabungsstätte des Eisenwaldes"

    I've nearly digged 2 days at Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms an Northend. That were all Errors I've found. Tomorrow I'll dig at Outlands. If there more translation Errors, I'll report them too.


  • Avatar of SaraelDEde SaraelDEde May 12, 2011 at 20:25 UTC - 0 likes

    By the way good work with V1.8.

    I'd loved using Archy in previous Versions but for a time it makes the game stocking at Battlegrounds; so I deleted it. Two days ago I saw there's rolling out an update und since this moment I use Archy 1.8 permanently. :)

    If I found more bugs like this I'll report them here again. It's one of the best addons I've ever used.


  • Avatar of myrroddin myrroddin May 12, 2011 at 19:27 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks, Sara. I will be going through the dig site list this weekend, and seeing what can be easily updated and fixed.

  • Avatar of SaraelDEde SaraelDEde May 12, 2011 at 13:08 UTC - 0 likes

    Found a bug i've fixed for DEde localization.

    "Pit of Fiend Digsite" in Locale/deDE have to be "The Pit of Fiend Digsite".

    German translation: "Ausgrabungsstätte der Schreckensgrube"

    replace: L["Pit of Fiends Digsite"] = "Pit of Fiends Digsite"

    to: L["The Pit of Fiends Digsite"] = "Ausgrabungsstätte der Schreckensgrube"

    as well in Archy.lua the Line siteData[L["Pit of Fiends Digsite"]] = { ['continent'] = 4, ['map'] = 492, ['blob'] = 60367, ['race'] = 4 }

    corrected to:

    siteData[L["The Pit of Fiends Digsite"]] = { ['continent'] = 4, ['map'] = 492, ['blob'] = 60367, ['race'] = 5 }

    (Digsite name edited and race = 5)

    After that - Archy shows correctly the digsite.

    Last edited May 12, 2011 by SaraelDEde
  • Avatar of myrroddin myrroddin May 09, 2011 at 12:51 UTC - 0 likes

    If you correct the translation in the localization app, it will pull the updated string.

  • Avatar of Pakka Pakka May 09, 2011 at 05:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank you for the info, myrroddin and be assured, your effort to maintain Archy is very much appreciated.

    About the error I reported, in that case it's not a new digsite but one of the old original ones. Looking at the deDE.lua I quickly found a typo that might have caused the error:

    • 27: L["Altar of Zul Digsite"] = "Ausgrabungsstätte am Altars von Zul" <- Wrong
    • 27: L["Altar of Zul Digsite"] = "Ausgrabungsstätte am Altar von Zul" <- correct
    Last edited May 09, 2011 by Pakka
  • Avatar of myrroddin myrroddin May 09, 2011 at 01:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Yes, the error is because of the new dig sites and objects found (new rares), and Archy was not built for expandability. It is something I am working on, but I cannot give you a time frame, sadly.

    If you look at the localization strings, there are several hundred, and they are all hard-coded rather than fluidly learned from the Blizzard API; therefore I will need to gut big chunks of Archy's code and rebuild, and that will take a lot of time.

    I know this messes with non English locales, but that is what I got handed :(

  • Avatar of Cooli22 Cooli22 May 08, 2011 at 16:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello Pakka, I forgot to say this, I'm getting the same Tomtom wrong coordinates for the Uldum digsite I was talking about, I think that like you I'm playing a "non-english" client, and this is probably because of a localisation error, I remember this happened for the 1st time when they added some new digsites in a patch :)

    Last edited May 08, 2011 by Cooli22
  • Avatar of Pakka Pakka May 08, 2011 at 09:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Runnin the myrroddin bugfix 12 version and encountered a problem with a troll digsite "Ausgrabungsstätte am Altar von Zul" in zone "Hinterland" (North Eastern Kingdoms), showing unknown and giving wrong coordinates to TomTom:

    1x AceLocale-3.0: Archy: Missing entry for 'Unknown': Archy-1.7b8 bugfix12\Archy.lua:2498: in function <Archy\Archy.lua:2473> Archy-1.7b8 bugfix12\Archy.lua:2521: in function <Archy\Archy.lua:2517> Archy-1.7b8 bugfix12\Archy.lua:3677: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-6:147: in function <...Tom\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147> <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[1]":4: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4> <in C code>: ? <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[1]":13: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-6:92: in function `Fire' AceEvent-3.0-3 (TomTom):120: in function <...ace\AddOns\TomTom\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:119>


  • Avatar of Cooli22 Cooli22 May 07, 2011 at 20:49 UTC - 0 likes

    Anyone have an "Unknown" zone for the Cursed Landing digsite ? This digsite is at Uldum, but each time I get it the digsites list show me "Unknown" instead of Uldum.

    It also causes an Lua error :

    Date: 2011-05-07 23:50:07 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: AceLocale-3.0: Archy: Missing entry for 'Unknown' Debug: ...ce\AddOns\Archy\Libs\AceLocale-3.0\AceLocale-3.0.lua:31: ...ce\AddOns\Archy\Libs\AceLocale-3.0\AceLocale-3.0.lua:29 Archy\Archy.lua:2498: Archy\Archy.lua:2473 Archy\Archy.lua:2521: Archy\Archy.lua:2517 Archy\Archy.lua:3840: Archy\Archy.lua:3812 (tail call): ? [C]: ? [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:9: [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:5 (tail call): ? ...face\AddOns\Archy\Libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:164: ...face\AddOns\Archy\Libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:138

    Last edited May 07, 2011 by Cooli22


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