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ATTACHRING Toggle attachment of the ring to the normal frame anchors (will behave like a normal ring when active)

COLOR Set color mode:
Color fading: Set the ring color to fade (green to red for health)
Custom color: Set the ring color to a custom defined color

COLORCUST Set the ring color to custom defined colors

COLORENERGY Set custom energy ring color

COLORFADE Set the ring color to fade (green to red for health)

COLORFOCUS Set custom focus ring color

COLORFOE Set custom foe ring color

COLORFRIEND Set custom friendly ring color

COLORMANA Set custom mana ring color

COLORRAGE Set custom rage ring color

COLORRESET Reset color to the ring's default color

COLORRUNIC Set custom runic power ring color

COLORSET Set custom ring color

COLORSETFADE Set custom ring color (color mode must be set to "custom")

CUSTCASTBYPLAYER Show only if (de)buff is cast by you

CUSTDEBUFF Look for debuffs instead of buffs

CUSTDEL Delete this custom arc

CUSTMAX Maximum stack size of the (de)buff

CUSTNAME Name of the (de)buff. Multiple (de)buffs can be named by separating them with semicolon (;). Priorities are given according to their order here.

CUSTNEW Create a new custom arc for a specific buff or debuff

CUSTSTACKS Use stack applications instead of remaining time for the arc

CUSTTEXTSTACKS Display stack applications as text instead of remaining time

CUSTUNIT Unit on which the (de)buff is applied

DEFICIT Toggle health deficit (Max health - current health)

ENABLED Toggle the ring on and off

ENABLEMENU Toggle right-click menu on and off

FLASH Toggle flashing when ring is full

HIDEBLIZZ Toggle showing of default Blizzard frame

INDINTERRUPT Toggle highlighting of interruptable spells. The casting arc will have a yellow outline for interruptable spells. Arc outline needs to be activated.

INDLATENCY Toggle indication of current world latency. Adds with spell queue time limit if selected.

INDSPELLQ Toggle indication of spell queue time limit (lag tolerance). It should be safe to start casting the next spell once the current cast passes the indicator. Adds with latency if selected.

LEVEL Set at which level it should be attached relative to the anchor (<-1: towards center, 0: at anchor, >1: away from center)

OUTLINE Toggle the outline around the ring

SHOWINCOMBAT Toggle showing ticking while in combat

SHOWINSTEALTH Toggle showing ticking while stealthed

SHOWPERC Toggle showing percentage

SHOWSPELL Toggle displaying of current spell being casted

SHOWTEXT Toggle text display (health, mana, etc.)

SHOWTIME Toggle showing spell timer

SIDE Set which side to attach to

  • 40 phrases found