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I'm planning on using speakinspell to do send a simple message when I interrupt a spell on my target.
I first tried to do it with my interrupt spell succesfull cast trigger. but it had two major issues, I couldn't tell the interrupted spell's name, or if the interruption failed.
After a look in my fight logs, I've seen some events like "[player] [spell] interrupted [target]" but I haven't found how to add it to the addon.
I think it has some link with COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED and UNIT_SPELLCAST_INTERRUPTED, but I didn't saw how it could be used.

So for the moment i'm using a little addon that trigger a /ss macro when I interrupt my target. But i've still no way to tell the target's spell.

So the question is : Would you kindly add a trigger for that? With [player][target][interrupt spell][interrupted spell] parameters if possible?

(oh, and sorry for the language, i'm french ^^' )

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    agreed this would be a great feature to have in SS

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