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Projects / What to do after creating a project


Getting approval

Before other users can see your project and before it reaches, an admin has to approve your project. If everything works out fine, you just need to wait and it'll all be good.

See Project Acceptance Policy for more details.

Editing your project's description

You might want to provide more information in your description, add a feature to a feature list, etc. To do this, see Changing Descriptions

Uploading images/screenshots

This is a pretty simple process. Take a screenshot in-game or get an image from some other means, then at your project, go to Project actions -> Upload image.

Fill in any necessary details, and it should attach that image to your project.

Uploading files

First off, it is highly recommended that you use revision control and let CurseForge take care of files for you. See Why Use Revision Control? for reasons to do this. If you do decide to, see Repository FAQ for how to do so.

If for some reason you want to upload files manually, you have to take the following steps:

  • Make a zip file of your addon. It should consist of a folder which is your addon's name and any files underneath that.
  • Go to Project Actions -> Upload File
  • Specify all the details you can.
    • When choosing the File Type as Release, Beta, or Alpha, there are some things to keep in mind: Alpha will never reach, it is for power users to test only. Beta will not be the default file as long as a Release is present.

You will then have to wait until an admin approves your file, which consists of making sure there are no bad files in there (any malware or executables) as well as any other potential issues.

Adding/Removing authors

If you go to Project Actions -> Manage Authors. It's rather self-explanatory at that point.