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Projects / Getting Started with WowAce


Creating a new project

Go to the home page and click "Create a new Project" near the top.

You'll see a big, scary form with lots of fields.

Choose a name for your project. This can be anything. Try to be original but also declarative.
Short Name
This is a unique identifier for your project. This will be unique for all of WoW, including all projects on This is what shows up in all urls as well. Must be all lowercase letters, numbers, -, and _.
There are many open source licenses to choose from, as well as Public Domain and No license (All rights reserved). You may also specify a custom license. If you believe a custom license deserves to be standard, just report it or tell an admin.
Choose up to 5 categories that your project falls under. Worst case scenario, go with Miscellaneous.
Localized Languages
Choose which languages that your addon has been translated into already. If your addon has no translations, just choose English.
This is the description of your project. A feature list is good here.
Do not state that your project is similar to another project without describing what it actually does.
Whether you want to have comments available on your project.
Whether you want to use wowace's provided bug tracker.
Whether a non-author can clone your project's mainline repository to do their own hacking. All open-source licenses require full clonability. For information on cloning, see Cloning.

Fill out all this information and you should be golden.

Our moderators will decide whether to approve your project or not, and if they do approve it, the general public will be able to view your project. For information on approval, see Project Acceptance Policy.

Claiming an existing project that is yours

If your an author and your project is not assigned to you, we apologize, our importation script has limited effectiveness in this due to there not being a real user system on the old site.

To claim the project simply go to the project's new details page and click "Report Project" on the right sidebar. Fill in the details and we'll resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Claiming an existing project that seems abandoned

If you want to take over an abandoned mod, this is possible. You should attempt to make a good faith effort to contact the author before requesting transfer.

After doing so you should go to the projects details page and click "Report project" on the right hand sidebar. Fill in details for the request. Included in this report should be, how long since the project leader has been active, a chronicle of your attempts to contact them, and what work you've done on the project to substantiate your request.

Please refer to our abandoned project policy for further information.

Editing an existing project

Go to the project page you want to go to, on the right-hand side, there will be "Edit Project".

You can change most of the same data as in creating a project.

There are two things that you can't change from this view:

Short name
Report your project or tell a moderator that you want your short name changed.
On the project page, click "Edit Description" on the right. Also see Changing Descriptions

Setting up your repository

If your project was imported from the old wowace, your SVN repository should be set up and ready to go for you already.

Otherwise, go to your project, go to Repositories, click Edit Repository, set the type you want and any other details.

Set up your SVN password and/or SSH key. Go to Your Repository Authorization page.

See the Repository FAQ for more in-depth details.