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Projects / .docmeta file


For your repositories, you can put a '.docmeta' file in to provide extra information. Yes, that is a dot followed by 'docmeta'.

.docmeta is a YAML file that goes in the root of your repository project folder. This means /trunk/.docmeta for SVN users and /.docmeta for Git and Hg users.

Remember to use spaces instead of tabs for indentation

Your .docmeta file, if it exists, will be validated when you commit.

Specifying a documenter

To add a documenter, you must specify a dictionary or a list of dictionaries in the following form:

type: luadoc
input-files: "**/*.lua"
output-directory: API

which would run luadoc on all lua files in your repository. This would create one page for each lua file under the API page directory on your project.

another example:

    type: luadoc
    input-files: "Alpha/**/*.lua"
    output-directory: Alpha
    type: luadoc
    input-files: "Bravo/**/*.lua"
    output-directory: Bravo

which would run luadoc on all lua files under the Alpha directory in your repository, then on all lua files under the Bravo directory.

File Globs

Matches any file. Can be restricted by other values in the glob. * will match all files; c* will match all files beginning with c; *c will match all files ending with c; and c will match all files that have c in them (including at the beginning or end). Equivalent to /[^\/]*/ in regexp.
Matches directories recursively. Equivalent to /([^\/]+\/)*/ in regexp.
Matches any one character. Equivalent to /.{1}/ in regexp.
Matches any one character in set. Behaves exactly like character sets in Regexp, including set negation ([^a-z]).
Matches either literal p or literal q. Matching literals may be more than one character in length. More than two literals may be specified. Equivalent to pattern alternation in regexp.


Date created
Dec 17, 2008