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Project Rejections

Other Authors Work

If you upload a project that is not your own, it will not be accepted on CurseForge/WowAce.


This doesn't apply is if you have a legitimate change you created and the project in question has a license that would allow you to make said changes. Any license that follows the Open Source Definition is forkable by definition.

The only other time you could upload an addon that is not solely your work is if you have the explicit permission of the original author(s).

Note that you can't upload an addon verbatim without adding anything to it if it isn't yours, we won't accept it here.

If you do want to fork a project that already is on CurseForge/WowAce, it is highly, highly recommended to clone the project and work from there. If you need to have a completely separate project, inform a moderator and we can work with you to assess the situation.

Fan Updates

Please review the Abandoned and Inactive Projects Policy. A fan update addon will not be approved.

Removal of Project

If the original author informs us of some misgivings, we will take it under consideration and make a judgment at our discretion. We want to preserve everyone's rights and make the best judgment overall.

Terms of Use Violations

Any addon/project which violates the terms of use for the game which it is being submitted for will not be approved.

World of Warcraft

Any addons with the following functions will not be approved:

  • Enabling special features for private servers. (You will be banned for uploading these.)
  • Spamming any form of public chat. This includes addons which spam ascii art
  • Gambling addons
  • Botting/automation addons
  • Addons promoting a paid program of some sorts
  • Addons requiring you to pay for the entire addon
  • Addons written for a specific guild or server. Addons must be usable by everyone, on any server. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Ninja looter/black list based for a specific server
    • Guild DKP/raid attendance

Executable Files

Please review the Executable Files policy for more information.


WowAce is a community of developers, and as a result there are higher standards for approval.


This list is not meant to be a clear distinction between if you upload your project to WowAce or not. This is meant as a guideline.

  1. Be a member of the community: If you aren't active on the forums, or in IRC, then are you really a member of the community?
  2. Code base at a higher standard: Are you declaring all your variables to be global? Are you using upvalues to improve code efficiency?
  3. Documentation: Does your project have decent documentation outlining what your addon does?
  4. Repositories: You must use a repository, and cannot just upload files.
  5. Libraries: Proper embedding/use of libraries.

If your addon does not meet any of these, it will be moved to CurseForge.

Changes Required

Needs a Better Description

  • Use full, grammatically correct sentences.
    • An English description is always required. If English is not your first language, try your best, or ask for some advice/help from a friend who does speak English (you're playing an MMO, chances are you interact with someone who knows English well).
  • Spell out your words properly. Do not use "u" for "you", "ur" for "you're", "r" for "are", "pls" for please. Those are just examples.
  • Accurately describe what the addon does. This may only take a line or two, or it could take an entire page.


Libraries must have a documented API which clearly identifies how to use the library. Please see the .docmeta page for more information on how to use luadoc. If you need assistance, feel free to join IRC for help.