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Drama is for raiding guilds, not addon programmers

Due to recent "drama flash fires", we are instituting a one-warning anti-drama policy. This policy will apply to both forum threads and site pages.

Fires over the Forum

In the event drama begins on the forums, please report the post to a moderator. If it is deemed as a potential fire-starter, the thread will receive a big bold warning. If the drama continues, the thread will be locked. Repeat offenders will be warned, required to sing the official Drama Police Hymn1 and further actions may be taken if the member continues to cause problems. Users, addon developers and core developers will be treated with the same bias, no special privileges for anyone!

Ruckus on the Site

If you come across a wiki page that is in violation of this policy, first do not edit the offending content Second, alert an admin to the page, either via PM on the forum or on IRC. The admin will review the content and edit or remove the page at their discretion. The user will be warned and required to sing the Hymn1. As with the forum, repeat offenders risk losing their rights.

So what exactly is drama, and what is acceptable?

There are a number of repeat trends here, mainly in the forum, which we wish to curb. Users and developers alike create the drama, so everyone needs to pay attention!

Some examples of common drama-starters:

  • Commenting that a new feature is "useless" or a new GUI "looks like crap"
  • Telling a user they are not entitled to anything because they use your addon for free
  • Telling a developer he is obligated to listen to you and implement your idea
  • Blanket statements about addon or library quality based on associations (this lib was written by so-and-so, so it sucks... this addon was converted to use LibX so now it's faster and uses less memory)
  • Rock vs. Ace3 discussions (the ones where politics and bureaucracy are tossed about like candy)

Some acceptable ways to avoid drama:

  • Comment that you don't care for a new feature, but offer ways to improve it
  • Consider user feedback, and give a polite reason why you choose not to implement their request
  • Give good feedback, offer solutions, but don't "expect" that they will be implemented
  • Simply avoid blanket statements. Back your opinions with some testing or code digging. Addons ''DO'' suck from time to time, but if you can help pinpoint the issues and correct them, it won't suck anymore! It's not hard to write an addon, it IS hard to write a clean, fast addon.
  • Rock vs. Ace3 discussions are acceptable as long as they stick to technical comparisons. "Rock offers this, but Ace3 does not", "Ace3 doesn't handle that the same way Rock does." Be warned that these discussions will be watched closely, you're treading on thin ice. We will try to put out fires before they start here, so don't let these conversations degrade into comparisons of the "quality" of the two frameworks.

1 The Drama Police Hymn
Done to the tune of Radiohead - Karma Police

Drama police
Arrest this troll
He posts in mass
He flames on a streak
He's like a deranged idiot

Drama police
Arrest this freak
His ad hom threats
Are making me feel ill
And we have read his posts

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get
When you mess with us

Drama police
I've modded all I can
It's not enough
I've modded all I can
But we're still drowned in spam

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get
When you mess with us

And for a minute there
I lost myself
I lost myself
I lost myself


Date created
May 04, 2009
Last updated
Jul 12, 2011