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Common Issues FAQ

This document will be a living document in which the most common issues that occur with Curse, CurseForge, WoWAce, etc are documented with their workarounds. I'll be adding questions and answers as they come up.

Submitting Questions

If you wish to add something to this FAQ please send Ackis a private message.

Curse Client

The Curse Client will not recognize me as premium.

Please log out of the Curse Client and log back into it.


When I upload a file is just disappears, I don't know what happened to it

All files uploaded to CurseForge are moderated. If your file has disappeared it means it was rejected for any number of reasons. A rejection message will have been sent to the e-mail which you have registered with.

When I upload a file, I get an error message about file already exists

This error message indicates that the file has already been uploaded. It may be waiting approval, or it may have been rejected. Please check your registered e-mail for the reason and have some patience.

Why aren't LightHeaded, Carbonite, or <insert name of favourite addon> hosted here?

Where an addon is hosted is the sole description of the author(s) who wrote it. It is not Curse's place nor right to host addons without the author's permission. Similarly, please do not upload an addon or other project that you are the author of. You're not doing them a favour and are in fact infringing on their rights. Such projects will not be approved.

Curse Premium

The Curse Client will not recognize me as premium.

Please log out of the Curse Client and log back into it.

I was double billed, my account isn't upgraded, etc?

All Curse Premium support issues must be handled here:

I'm getting a PSYN issue when I try to download something automatically.

This is caused when there is an error between the Curse Client and your web-browser. The browser doesn't know how to handle the links which tell it to install the addon using the Curse Client.

The simplest way to fix this is to uninstall the Curse Client, then reinstall it. This should make the browser recognize the links.

Curse Client

For all Windows Curse Client issues, please visit the Curse Client Support Centre at

For Mac Curse Client issues, please see the project page at